Batavia Coast Dive & Watersports: Why I became a PADI Instructor

I was sent this article from Sigourney at Batavia Coast Dive & Watersports in Geraldton, Western Australia, I thought I would share this with you as she puts in writing what so many of us think and feel. Thanks for the well written story Sigourney!


I live a dream. What I do as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor is more than just a job to me, it is my lifestyle. My life is teaching others how to become a PADI diver, showing them that they can breathe underwater and introducing them to a whole new world. Diving has whole-heartedly transformed my life. The instant your head is submerged, you’ve infiltrated a unique environment filled with unimaginable wildlife. In that moment, I chose to pursue a profession in diving. I didn’t care what I had to do to get there, but I knew I would and now here I am intoxicated by the aquatic habitat.

As an Instructor, I know how my students are feeling; anxious, fearful, enthusiastic, happy or all of the above. I was definitely perplexed at the beauty that existed by my doorstep. Nothing can compare to the first breaths you take underwater, enveloped by a wall of fish and coral. Today, I get to instruct, refine skills and certify people who adopt the idea that diving can provide them with a sense of content. To me, diving awakens your core; reposes you and sedates your mind.

Everybody has a story. Everyone has sacrificed something to get to where they are today. Every journey has potholes and speed bumps, roadblocks and curves. It’s what you choose to make of those obstacles that introduce themselves unexpectedly into your life and how you opt to overcome them. The anxiety of an obscured path will always be there. Diving inspired me to conquer timidity and morphed me into the person I am today. Presently I am living the life I once thought unachievable. Diving has led me to conclude that any dream, no matter how sizable is attainable.

Being a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor is not my job, it’s my life.
Sigourney Grandmann
Batavia Coast Dive & Watersports
Western Australia

Instructor Exams for July 2015

We extend our congratulations to all those who participated in the PADI Instructor Examinations throughout Asia Pacific in July 2015.

08-09 July – Pattaya, Thailand


11-12 July – Phuket, Thailand


14-15 July – Koh Tao, Thailand


16-17 July – Tauranga, New Zealand


17-18 July – Bohol, Philippines


22-23 July – Gili Islands, Indonesia


24-25 July – Boracay, Philippines


25-26 July – Bali Indonesia


25-26 July – Kenting, Taiwan


25-26 July – Sydney, Australia


27-28 July – Cebu, Philippines

Want to train more PADI Dive Professionals in 2015?

GetALife-GoPRO_CMYK_ReverseIf attracting more divers to sign up for PADI professional level courses is in your business plan for 2015 then why not run a PADI ‘Go Pro’ event with your Regional Manager?

Many people decide even before they learn to dive that this is the path for them however some divers may need some further information to know what their options are and also what opportunities await them as PADI Professionals.

Conducting a Go Pro event enables you to invite potentially interested parties along for a relaxed and informative evening. Your Regional Manager can assist with the presentation and provide information about the PADI benefits for members.

Involving previous students currently working in the industry both part-time and full-time by inviting them to come along to be interviewed live or via Skype is also a fantastic way to encourage divers to sign up, and gives more opportunity for questions to be answered

These events can be for divers of any level and you can promote anything from the PADI Divemaster programme up to and including the PADI Instructor Specialties and IDC Staff Instructor if your facility can offer these programmes.

For more information on conducting one of these events contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Instructor Exams for November & December 2014


SEMPORNA, Malaysia 21-11 NOV







21-22 November – Semporna, Malaysia


KHAO LAK, Thailand 25-26 NOV







25-26 November – Khao Lak, Thailand









29-30 November –  Singapore



Moalboal, Philippines 3-4 DEC







3-4 December – Moalboal, Philippines


KOH LANTA, Thailand 3-4 DEC







3-4 December – Koh Lanta, Thailand


CAIRNS, Aust  5-7 DEC







5-7 December – Cairns, Australia









6-7 December – Sydney, Australia









6-7 December – Melbourne, Australia


PHUKET, Thailand 6-7 DEC







6-7 December – Phuket, Thailand









9-10 December – Gili Islands, Indonesia


KOH TAO, Thailand 9-10 DEC







9-10 December – Koh Tao, Thailand


BALI, Indo 12-13 DEC







12-13 December – Bali, Indonesia


Sihanoukville, Cambodia 13-14 DEC







13-14 December – Sihanoukville, Cambodia


GOLD COAST, Aust  16-18 DEC







16-18 December – Gold Coast, Australia

Advice for New Scuba Instructors

We’ve asked a few members of the PADI team to share their best piece of advice for a new scuba instructor… Below are their responses.


Brigit Jager – PADI Asia Pacific Training and Quality Management Educational Consultant
When applying for a job, if at all feasible, make the effort to visit your potential employer in person – look and be the enthusiastic dive professional they would like to employ, and don’t forget to highlight any additional skills or experiences you bring, e.g. in boating / engineering / technician / IT / sales / multiple languages, etc. Choose only an employer you would go dive with or learn to dive with yourself.

Alan Jan – PADI Americas Supervisor, Instructor Development
Start your teaching career by working with an experienced instructor for the first few courses. This will cut your learning curve in half.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

David Scanlan – PADI Asia Pacific Graphic Designer
It is the students that don’t master everything the first time that are the most rewarding to teach – a good balance between patience and persuasive encouragement will be the key to success in these cases.

diving-shaws-coveNancy Fisher – Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Observe different instructor’s classes and take-away great ideas that will work for you.  And ‘practice teach’ before your first real class so sessions flow smoothly, especially confined and open water skills.

Mary Kaye Hester – PADI Americas Training
Never forget what it was like to breathe underwater for the very first time. It’s astounding!

andy-6Andy Kunig – PADI Americas Training Consultant
Work with experienced colleagues to get your feet wet for your first few classes.


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Product Announcement – Revised PADI Open Water Diver Products now available

PADI Asia Pacific is excited to announce the availability of the following Products for the Revised Open Water Diver Course:

For the Instructor:

Revised Open Water Instructor Start-Up Pak (Product #87060)

Pak includes one of each of the following:

  • Revised Open Water Diver Student Manual
  • Revised Open Water Student DVD
  • New Student Skill Practice and Dive Planning Slate
  • Revised Open Water and Confined Water Aquatic Cue Cards
  • Revised Open Water Quizzes and Exam Booklet, Answer Key and Answer Sheet

Revised Prescriptive lesson guides (product no. 70852)

Revised Open Water Aquatic Cue Cards v 3.0 (product no. 60202)

Revised Confined Water Aquatic Cue Cards v 3.0 (product no. 60194)

Revised Quizzes and Exam Booklet v 4.0 (product no. 71023)

2014 Instructor Manualsare available for download from the PADI Pros Site.

PADI Course Directors may download revised Open Water Diver Course IDC Presentation Notes and accompanying Revised IDC Lesson Guides along with the PADI Course Director Manual on the Instructor Development Curriculum page.

For the Student:

New Skill Practice Slate – required for use during the Open Water Course.  Available as a 4-pack – product #60261 – or an 8-pack – product #60262

Revised Open Water Student Manual (product #71142) available now in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian – other languages will follow.

Revised Open Water Student DVD (product #70831E/F/S) audio in English, French and Spanish and (product #70831DU/G/I) audio in Dutch, German and Italian.

Revised Student Logbook – product #70047

For more information and to order – contact the PADI Sales Department  (tel + 61 2 9454 2888)

Don`t forget you can order anytime from the online shopping cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click Shop Online


It’s a great time to be a PADI Pro – set yourself a goal in 2013!

There are many benefits when you become a PADI Instructor.  Luke Saunders 20.12.12

One of the most exciting is travel. It’s reassuring to know that – as PADI Instructor you not only have a fabulous career – the world is your oyster. You are one of the most sought-after dive professionals on the planet, you have the opportunity to travel and work in some of the most fascinating places on earth – and with more than 6,000 PADI Dive Centres and Resorts in 183 countries worldwide – the world is also your office and playground!

PADI recently interviewed Luke Saunders – 21years -from Victoria who is currently working as a PADI Open Water Instructor at Quicksilver Group in Port Douglas. 

As a student of PADI Course Director, Damian Jones in late 2011 Luke graduated from the William Anglis Institute in Melbourne earning the prestigious Diploma of Resort Management – DIVE. Luke recalls, “As soon as I passed my PADI Instructor Exam I got this rush to start teaching friends and family and show them my office”.

About a month later, Luke relocated to Vanuatu where he certified his first PADI Open Water student, “to begin withI was very nervous but once we got into it, I found it rewarding.  My student had no qualms – given it was my first course and we both had an awesome time”.

A major highlight in his relatively new career was when Luke was selected to take the 2012 Melbourne Cup for a dive. He spent a couple of hours underwater holding the iconic Cup which had been protected in a waterproof case as part of a marketing campaign.

And his ‘memorable moment’ so far as an instructor?  “That was with an open water student on their first ocean dive. We met with a playful Dugong who stayed with us for about 15 minutes.  I can’t repeat his words of excitement when we got out the water, but we were both ecstatic! 

Currently, his ideal day is spent taking novice divers out on the GBR and seeing their initial reactions on surfacing from the dive.  “The students do have an awesome time which makes me realise I’ve done a good job- sharing what the underwater world has to offer – it’s extremely satisfying”.

Being a young man of the world, Luke imparts his words of advice to future PADI Professionals…  

“Becoming a professional diver has many advantages and if you’re given the opportunity – take it!   Within a year of becoming an instructor, I’ve worked in places I’d never dreamt of visiting – experiencing unique underwater environments and aquatic life.  During my travels, I’ve made great friends – many being students.  In the professional diving industry, I’ve never had a dull moment and every day brings a new experience.

And where to from here?  “I hope to work with Quicksilver for another few years and then travel as a dive professional to new destinations.  As I gather more experience, I’m keen to try Technical Diving and see where that takes me.”

PADI Members in Asia Pacific certified more divers in 2012 than any year in PADI’s history, so what are you waiting for?  2013 is a great time to be a PADI Pro!

PADI Professionals have access to the PADI Pro’s Employment Board – it’s easy to check out great employment opportunities worldwide.

Contact your nearest PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre or visit