How a Blog Can Help Your Business

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Written by Sheridan Hatcher, PADI Marketing Executive

Blogging is not a new concept – it’s been around for many years. In fact, the first year that we introduced ‘Blogging’ as a presentation topic at our PADI Business Academies in Asia Pacific was back in 2013. At the time, I could comfortably say that next to no PADI Retail & Resort Members were engaging in blogging and majority didn’t really understand what a blog was and how it would help their business.

What is a Blog?

A blog is simply an online newsletter, sometimes traditionally named ‘News’– when set up correctly, it is housed on your website domain or on a sub-domain. It is the place where you can write relevant articles related to your dive centre or resort to not only retain your current customers but also to hopefully acquire new customers. Blogs are also considered the middle ground between your website and your social media channels.

Why Write Blogs?

There are two main reasons to adopt blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy.

  1. To increase your website presence – blog articles add to the size of your website as they add additional pages that include important keywords in which you hope to rank on within Google and the other search engines. Adding a blog article to your website also aims to keep your website updated with fresh content – something that Google favours within their algorithm.
  2. Customer acquisition and retention – by posting relevant content that suits your target audience, the articles that you add to your blog can help to attract new customers and also keep your current ones informed, therefore assisting you to retain them with the aim to have them continue their PADI scuba diving education with you.

How Often Would I Need to Write a Blog Article?

When deciding whether you have the time to start a blog, you need to consider that you need to have the resources and time to write a blog article that is of a decent length (approx. 500-600 words) at least once a month, continually throughout the year. Of course, the more articles that you post each month the better however this of course depends on what your PADI Dive Centre/Resort can handle.

But I Don’t Know What to Write About!

Being in the scuba diving industry, we are extremely lucky as we have so many topics that we can write about! Our industry is fun and exciting and ever-changing so the list of topics that you could write about is endless! Some examples include –

  • Hints/tips on becoming a better scuba diver
  • Fascinating facts about marine life
  • Promotion of PADI courses
  • Environment and marine conservation/Project AWARE
  • Top lists
  • Local dive sites
  • Equipment reviews
  • Promotions/events happening at your PADI Dive Centre/Resort
  • Staff/Instructor profiles
  • Instructor Development Courses/Go PRO nights

When deciding what topics to write about, always stick to the 80/20 rule – 80% consumer focused and 20% brand focused.

Breakdown of a Blog Article

So you’re now interested in blogging and see the benefits that it can provide your business however you just aren’t quite comfortable in knowing how to write an article – no problem, below you will find the items that make up a decent and attractive article for the reader –

  1. Blog Title – use keywords to explain what your article is about (approx. 65-70 characters including spaces). Make sure it explains clearly what the reader will be informed of if they read the blog article.
  2. Headings/Sub-headings – using headings is a great way to break up your content, making the article look more attractive to the reader.
  3. Content – needs to be informative and include keywords and keyword phrases however ensure it’s written in natural language for the reader, not for the search engines.
  4. Imagery & Videos – add attractive images/short video clips to attract the reader and also use them to break up the text within your article, so it looks more pleasing on the reader’s eye.
  5. Humour – if you can, add some humour into your writing. This can also help to build/add personality to your brand/content.
  6. Links (internal & external) – hyperlink any keywords within your articles back to relevant pages on your website to help flow traffic back/through your website or alternatively link out to external websites to provide the reader additional information/resources.
  7. Call to Action – add one to the end of your article to provoke an ‘immediate action’ – this can assist to encourage the reader to seek more information, contact you, make a booking etc.

As you can see from explanation the above, blogging is a valuable tool that can assist your dive business in order to improve your search engine ranking, acquire new customers or retain your current ones – plus, it’s not that hard! Enlist the help of your dive staff to help lighten the load – have brainstorming sessions to come up with topics/keywords that can be blogged about and use a social media editorial calendar so that your staff are clear on when their article is due to be posted online. Plus, before hiring new staff, make sure you add blogging as part of their role – in the end it’s only going to help your business and save you time!

For additional information or assistance in setting up a blog, please contact your PADI Regional Manager today.

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PADI Business Academy Lite is back in 2017


The PADI Business Academy Lite powers up again in the Asia Pacific region for 2017. Attendees from previous PADI Business Academy programs in Asia Pacific have achieved significant certification growth in the following months after completing the program.

The PADI Business Academy Lite is a combination of presentations and hands-on workshops. You’ll explore digital marketing strategies for your website/social media channels as well as ideas and strategies for your business relating to sales and customer service to assist in supercharging your dive operation in 2017 and beyond.

To ensure a custom-tailored learning environment, the number of attendees are limited. So don’t delay – contact your PADI Regional Manager to transform your business for success.

If you have not yet attended a PADI Business Academy Lite, we strongly encourage you to not miss out and sign up today.

The following PADI Business Academy Lite programs are scheduled across Asia Pacific for 2017.

Business Academy Dates
Singapore 18th January 2017
Shanghai, China (Presented in Chinese) 5th April 2017
Taipei, Taiwan (Presented in Chinese) 12th April 2017
Melbourne, Australia 2nd May 2017
Nadi, Fiji 10th May 2017
Wellington, New Zealand 31st July 2017



PADI Business Academies Extended

PADI_BA_logo_v2 copyAs a result of feedback from PADI Members we are excited to announce the addition of two Business Academies to the 2015 programme.

The PADI Business Academy will now power up to revolutionise the dive industry in Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Business Academy Dates Venue
Brisbane, Australia 15th – 16th September, 2015 Novotel Brisbane Airport
Auckland, New Zealand 14th – 15th October, 2015 Holiday Inn Auckland

If you have not yet attended a PADI Business Academy, we strongly encourage you to not miss out and sign up today.

Over the course of the two days the Academy will cover;

  • Elements of a Successful Website
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Managing your Social Media
  • ScubaEarth
  • PADI Online Processing Center
  • Database Mining
  • YouTube
  • Online Advertising
  • Sales & Pricing/Customer Service
  • Visual Merchandising

In addition, all Business Academy attendees are entitled to a follow-up marketing consultation, ensuring that attendees get the most out of the two day workshops, and are confident to take home these new tools and implement them as part of their business strategy.

As a result, we have seen significant certification growth from PADI Dive Shops who have attended previous PADI Business Academies.

If you have any questions about attending please contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Book today via the Registration Form, or email or call +61 2 9454 2924.

Join us at these upcoming Dive Shows & PADI Business Academies

PADI logoDive Shows

PADI Asia Pacific is gearing up for its first round of dive shows for 2015.

OZTek will be held in Sydney, Australia on 14 & 15 March. This dive show focuses on bringing new underwater techniques and technologies to its attendees and has a strong focus on technical diving.

Dive Resort Travel (DRT) will be in Shanghai, China between 20 – 22 March. DRT Shanghai has proven to be one of the most popular and successful dive exhibitions in the Asia Pacific Region. This expo is attended by divers and non-divers alike who are looking to connect with dive institutions, hotels and resorts, travel destinations, equipment manufacturers, publications and other ocean sports providers.

ADEX Singapore will run from 10 – 12 April. This major dive show is filled with activities, talks and seminars that will interest divers of all levels. This year, ADEX will be raising awareness and promoting conservation acts for dolphins.

DEEP & Extreme Indonesia will be held in Jakarta from 30 April – 3 May. Representing all underwater and ocean activities available in Indonesia, show organisers expect 20,000 visitors to attend over the four days.

PADI’s participation at consumer dive shows increases PADI brand awareness and assists in the promotion of all PADI Dive Shops. Dive shows encourage potential customers to try new PADI products, meet PADI Staff and network with fellow PADI Professionals.

To ensure your PADI Dive Shop gains maximum exposure at expos they attend, contact your PADI Regional Manager to enquire about support you may be eligible for, including marketing collateral and promotional offers.

For the full list of PADI attended 2015 dive shows – click here.

sydney 2014 business academyDon’t miss the PADI Business Academy in Nadi, Fiji

Arm yourself this year, with a set of strategic tools to grow your business.

The Nadi Business Academy is scheduled to take place on the 13th – 14th April at the Novotel, Fiji.

With limited places available REGISTER NOW for the two day hands-on workshops, designed to equip PADI Dive Shops with modern day business techniques tailored to industry market trends and opportunities.

2015 PADI Business Academy Schedule

Registrations are also open for the subsequent PADI Business Academies to be held in 2015.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of these informative programmes and kick-start your business plan into action. Register now for Bangkok, Cebu or Bali.

Business Academy Dates Venue
Bangkok, Thailand 11th – 12th May, 2015 Crowne Plaza
Cebu, Philippines 19th -20th May, 2015 TBC
Bali, Indonesia 2nd  – 3rd June, 2015 Sanur Plaza

Further PADI Business Academies may be added in 2015 in additional locations, please contact your PADI Regional Manager to express interest.

Get ready to power up your business in 2015 – Register now!

We hope you can join us!

Start 2015 the right way with PADI’s Business Academies

business academy logoWith the 2015 Worldwide PADI Business Academy programme already underway, don’t miss out on your chance to register for one of these game-changing two-day seminars.

Alexandra Dimitriou attended the recent Business Academy in Cyprus, and has shared some positive feedback from her experience.

As a relatively new dive center owner I have had a steep learning curve making the transition from instructor to owner. Today’s marketplace is hugely different to that which I learned in my Business A-level in the UK – oh so many moons ago – the PBA was such an eye opener to ways to move Scuba Monkey onwards and upwards.

The PBA opened my eyes in three major ways:

#1: Marketing isn’t a bad thing, you just have to know your audience and be able to take a personal approach. By knowing who your audience is you can better serve them, and this is a service like all others. You can make it an enjoyable one – both for yourself and for your prospective guests. The PBA taught us how to get the knowledge of things like website keywords, using online tools that have been at my fingertips since the beginning, but until the academy, only my web designer had ventured into this realm on my business’ behalf.

#2: The PADI Pro website. I have used this site for close to 10 years and I honestly thought I understood all the tools available to me.  Clearly not. The PBA went through every tab in the minutest detail and it was a shock to discover all the features that have been available to me all this time and had not been utilizing to full potential.

#3: Social Media. I honestly thought that this element of the PBA would be something that I could learn little from…after all, I already blog, link everything to the website, twitter and Facebook….what more could there be? A lot as it turns out. The PBA taught me little quirks and tweaks that could even further my marketing success. Things like scheduled posting on Facebook and how to highlight an important post are all features that have been at my fingertips, but have failed to use. The academy taught me that staying current to new trends will be an essential mode for dive center survival. This information did not make me loose heart however – again Knowledge is power and power means control. Workshops allowed us to use free tools like Animoto and Mail Chimp to better serve our guests and encourage them to be more interactive over all social platforms.

You too can harness the power!

The following PADI Business Academy programs are schedules across Asia Pacific for 2015.

Business Academy Dates
Chennai, India 24th – 25th February, 2015
Nadi, Fiji 13th – 14th April, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand 11th – 12th May, 2015
Cebu, Philippines 19th – 20th May, 2015
Bali, Indonesia 2nd – 3rd June, 2015

Further PADI Business Academies may be added in 2015 in additional locations, please contact your PADI Regional Manager to express interest.

The PADI Business Academy Powers Up in Sydney

PADI Dive Centres from NSW and Queensland attended the PADI Business Academy in Sydney last week and gained knowledge on proven tactics and techniques to help improve their businesses.

PADI Asia Pacific’s Danny Dwyer, Senior Director – Sales & Marketing, commenced proceedings with a welcoming presentation and introduction to the 2-day program. The academy included topics such as social media, websites, blogs, email marketing, marketing to Chinese consumers, ScubaEarth, PADI eLearning and EVE.

The personalised learning environment of academy and workshops encouraged PADI Members attending the Sydney PADI Business Academy to focus on their specific needs – providing them with the tools and strategies most valuable to their individual businesses.BUSINESS ACA SYDNEY JUNE 2014

Following the PADI Business Academy, Peter Letts from ABYSS Scuba Diving in Sydney said; “Thanks very much for the past 2 days, we found it most useful and I am sure that it will have a positive impact on our businesses as we all start to implement some of the ideas we were introduced to.”

Some other attendees’ comments following the PADI Business Academy included:

Shona Pinkerton and Peter Low, owners of DEVOCEAN in Southport, Queensland, stated; “We are utilising technology and social media tools such as web promotions and the use of smart phones is increasing. Obtaining information to ensure we apply these tools correctly, improves our ability to connect with customers and enhances our customer service”

Jessica Jones, PADI Instructor from Let’s Go Adventures in Nelson Bay, NSW, said; “One of our goals is to increase our web presence to promote diving in Nelson Bay using the tools available and getting the best out of them. I’m coming away with many ways to improve the business via social media and this will flow on to other things”.

Lee and Kym Vallens from Dive Smart in Castle Hill, NSW, believes that social media is all about engagement, reaching for new customers and sharing their diving passion with existing customers. Lee said; “Our goal and focus currently is on our approach and image, as well as on making new impressions with a new website and logo. We found the PADI Business Academy a timely and valuable source of information.”

The next PADI Business Academy is scheduled for 6th – 7th August in Melbourne, Australia. If you would like to know more about the PADI Business Academy please contact your PADI Regional Manager. 

Business Academy Melbourne – Book now!


Book your spot at the PADI Business Academy in Melbourne, Australia which takes place on 6 -7 August 2014. Follow up results from PADI Members in Asia Pacific revealed that the group of 108 PADI Retailers and Resorts who completed the PADI Business Academy in 2013, enjoyed an average increase of 13.6% in diving certifications compared with 2012. This highlights the tangible benefits that PADI Business Academies provide for PADI Dive Centres and Resorts.

Date Location Venue
6 – 7 August, 2014 Melbourne, Australia Hemisphere Conference Centre and Hotel

At the PADI Business Academy, you’ll explore the latest, modern-day, cutting-edge business techniques and walk away from the two-day program armed with tools to implement strategies most valuable to your business. To ensure a custom-tailored learning environment, the number of attendees is limited, so the Business Academy staff can really focus on you. Following the completion of Business Academy, PADI Staff will follow-up with you throughout the year to help you reach your business goals set during the program.

PADI Business Academy tuition fees are offered through three tiers: 5 Star Dive Centres/Resorts, Dive Centres/Resorts and Individual Members. Tuition fee includes tuition for one member, a USB drive filled with PADI Business Academy materials and a cocktail reception. Plus, with every four paid attendees from your store, you’ll receive a free tuition credit for a fifth member of your staff – making the decision to attend even easier.

The online brochure contains detailed information about the various workshops and a schedule of events. View the online brochure.

The PADI Business Academy program is filling up quickly and numbers are strictly limited so PADI staff can provide you with personal attention. So don’t delay – contact your PADI Regional Manager or download the registration form to enroll in the PADI Business Academy program and prepare to transform your business for success in 2014.

PADI Business Academy – Dates for 2013

PADI Retailers and Resorts around the world have the opportunity to power up at PADI Business Academies again in 2013. Through six hands-on workshops, the PADI Business Academy curriculum delivers proven tactics and techniques you can immediately implement in your business. During the two-day PADI Business Academy, you’ll receive targeted, contemporary business training custom-tailored to your specific needs that will help increase your bottom line. More than 450 PADI Retailers and Resorts attended the programs in 2012 that included information, tools and workshops on how to improve websites, Social Media Strategies, customer relationship management, Sales Training, Pricing Strategies and PADI eLearning® Strategies. Six two-day Business Academy programs are scheduled for 2013 and space is strictly limited.

Below are the dates and locations for the PADI Business Academies in Asia Pacific.

The full brochure and registration forms are available on the PADI Pros’ Site.

BA 2013

For further assistance contact your PADI Regional Manager or PADI Customer Service Team. Please note that dates and venues are subject to change.