Ocean Action Project

There is only one day of voting left! Our eco partner Project AWARE Foundation is powering ocean heroes into action with the Ocean Action Project.

The finalists are in and now the power is in your hands. Your vote could be the difference between idea and action. Cast your vote by 1st September 2012.

This is a great opportunity for PADI pros to get involved and ensure projects in your region are well supported.

Vote here!

Ocean Action Project

Link your social media sites for ScubaEarth™

Your business will have a distinct profile in ScubaEarth™ where you can link to your other popular social media site profiles — like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. To take advantage of this feature, enter your information now at the PADI Pros’ Site and you’ll be ready when ScubaEarth launches. Here’s how:

  1. Login to the PADI Pros’ Site
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Social Media Settings tab
  4. Upload your store logo (140 by 140 pixels)
  5. Enter links to your profiles at other social media sites. You can also enter the RSS feed link for your blog so your most recent posts will show up in your ScubaEarth profile. If you have a blog, these are the steps to determine what the link is for your blog RSS feed:
  • Go to the home page of the desired blog.
  • Find the RSS symbol or a link that indicates an RSS feed on the page.
  • Click on either the symbol or the link.
  • A browser page should appear with information on an RSS feed.
  • Highlight and copy the URL listed in the address bar.
  • That URL should be your RSS feed URL.
  • Enter a short description about your store (750 characters or less)

Go to the PADI Pros’ Site now to get started with entering your information. For more questions, contact Mark Cummins (Manager, PADI Retail & Resort Association).

Contact PADI Asia Pacific; padi@padi.com.au or +61 2 9454 2888

Tasmania’s Eaglehawk Dive Centre’s YouTube Video

There’s no doubt that YouTube is a great marketing tool and is something that all dive operators should be utilising. Not only does it let you show off all of your cool diving videos but it is a great way to create and improve your brand awareness, potentially leading to increased sales. Sometimes, your video might just take off and be seen by thousands, if not millions!

Eaglehawk Dive Centre, a small PADI 5 Star Dive Centre situated at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula in southeastern Tasmania, have a variety of videos on their YouTube channel. One in particular has been viewed almost1.5 million times in 10 months! Only recently the video had 12, 000 views overnight! For owners and Marine Biologists Michael Baron and Karen Gowlett-Holmes this is a great achievement which is solely due to the great video they regularly film, edit, upload and share.

The video, filmed and copyrighted by Michael Baron, runs for just over 1 minute and showcases a Giant Pyrosome and Salps, which are pelagic (free swimming) tunicates or sea squirts. All species are open ocean animals that rarely come close to shore. Pyrosomes are colonies of tiny animals that form hollow tubes sealed at one end – the species in the first part of the video are giant Pyrosome Pyrostremma spinosum which can reach up to 30 metres in length! Tasmania is one of the few areas in the world where a wide range of oceanic gelatinous plankton, including ctenophores and jellyfish come close to shore and are easily seen while diving.

For information on how to create a YouTube Channel for your business please contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Ocean Action Project

Brace for impact! Our eco partner Project AWARE Foundation is powering ocean heroes into action. But you hold the power to put their project in motion. Does their Ocean Action Project stand up to the competition? You be the judge. Cast your vote by 1st September 2012. http://bit.ly/OOtm1f

This is a great opportunity for PADI professionals to get involved and ensure projects in your area are well supported.

Ocean Action Project

New Limited Edition Certification Cards

New Limited Edition Certification Cards are now available for Members & Students who require a replacement PADI certification card.

The 3 options of the Tiger Shark, Turtle/Skin Diver and Octopus on the reef are now available for those who want a special type of card at NO extra cost.

Visit the PADI PRO Site to order your new limited edition card now or visit student level replacement cards.

For more information regarding PADI’s Limited edition cards please contact your PADI customer service team at memdep@padi.com.au or call +61 2 9454 2902.

PADI Diving Society

PADI Asia Pacific partners with Bonnier Corporation to launch Sport Diver Asia Pacific.

PADI Asia Pacific and Bonnier Corporation are pleased to take the first step toward a true global PADI Diving Society with the expansion of Sport Diver magazine into the Asia Pacific region. Published by Bonnier Corporation, Sport Diver has been the official publication of the PADI Diving Society in the PADI Americas region since 1999. The PADI Diving Society strives to encourage scuba divers to make the most of their dive lifestyle by promoting underwater exploration, continuing education, the latest gear advancements and aquatic environmental advocacy. At the hub of the PADI Diving Society are PADI Dive Centres and Resorts, which are positioned as the ultimate fulfilment centres for all scuba diving needs. Read the full article here.

Diving Holiday Photo Contest

The PADI ‘Diving Holiday Photo Contest’ has now launched! http://ow.ly/cK5gQ

AsPADI Pros, you can use this competition to help with your marketing and promotional efforts. Its also a great opportunity to promote the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course for those who are interested in underwater photography.

Your divers can enter for a chance to win a SeaLife ReefMaster Mini camera. The most popular ‘underwater photo’ and the most popular ‘above the surface photo’ will win this great prize!

Submissions end, and voting  begins, on the 24th August. So get your divers snapping away and they might win a great prize!

Divers can enter here: http://ow.ly/cK5gQ

Diving Holiday Photo Contest