ScubaEarth™ Spotlight: Sending Buddy Requests

Connect with customers and friends on ScubaEarth by sending Buddy Requests. Sending a request is simple:

  • Log in to ScubaEarth
  • Type the first name of the person you want to connect with in the search box at the upper left of the screen.
  • You’ll now see a drop down menu of multiple names matching your query.
  • Click on the person you want to connect with, which will auto populate the search box.
  • Click on the magnifying glass search icon.
  • Once on the person’s profile page, click on the blue “Add Buddy” button near the top of the page.


You may need to search for people using variations of their names. For example, Chris may be Christopher or Jay might be Jacob. And, you should be receiving Buddy Requests as well. Be sure to click on the white “envelope” icon on the top blue navigation bar to check your messages.

Can’t find people you’re looking for on ScubaEarth? Contact them and encourage them to sign up.

With ScubaEarth, you have numerous opportunities to network, meet people, share your love of diving and build more business. Create your profile today by logging in to the PADI Pros’ Site with your individual member username and password and clicking on the SE icon.

Project AWARE: The Countdown to CITES March 2013 is On: Join the Battle to Protect Sharks and Rays


This article is courtesy of Project AWARE.

In March 2013, world leaders will meet in Bangkok, Thailand to determine the fate of some of the world’s most critically endangered species. On the table: 11 shark and rays species including hammerheads, mantas and the oceanic whitetip.

Project AWARE will be on the ground at CITES: March 2013 to make sure the dive community’s voice is heard loud and clear. We’ve been busy for over 2 years pushing forward proposals for sharks and rays, and navigating the complex world of high level politics. For the first time ever, divers are represented on this international stage. Project AWARE is your voice.

From now until March we’ll be calling on your help to move our actions one step further in our battle to protect sharks and rays.

Social Media: We’ll be maximising social media with Donate your Status appeals, Twibbons, and downloadable cover photos to help spread the word through the global dive community as we fight to secure protection for sharks and rays.

Direct Petition and E-Letters: Over 120,000 of you have signed the petition to give sharks a fighting chance. Encourage your new divers and customers to sign on.

Also look out for our e-letter sending a message direct to Ministers and CITES Representatives. Your letter will be delivered straight to their inbox.

Drive action locally: As a dive professional your support is critical, now more than ever. Lead efforts locally to inspire your community to share a message to CITES leaders. You can also teach the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty Course to inspire your divers into action.

The opportunity to make significant and powerful changes to save hundreds of thousands of sharks each year has never been so great.

It’s time we sent governments and CITES Representatives a clear message: The dive community demands better protection for sharks and rays.

Stay tuned by visiting or checking out our Facebook page:

Thank you to all PADI Members and Dive Centres who support Project AWARE. Please look out for more alerts from Project AWARE on how you can get involved. 


PADI eLearning – are you onboard yet?

Connecting with PADI Dive Centres or Resorts is even easier for millions of prospective divers with the PADI eLearning™ system.

Initially launched in 2007 with the PADI Open Water Diver Course Online, there are currently nine PADI eLearning programs offered in as many as nine languages each. The PADI eLearning juggernaut continues to gain steam as enrollments are up more than 26 percent in 2012 as compared to the same time last year.

Benefits of PADI eLearning to Dive Centres and Resorts

  • You share revenue for student divers who affiliate with your business
  • Your customers have another option for fitting knowledge developement into their busy lives
  • Your new customers have received consistent education, equipment and experience promotions
  • New divers are delivered to your store

 The goals of the PADI eLearning model are simple:

  • To increase entry-level diver enrolments by expanding dive centre business hours to 24/7
  • To drive new, enthusiastic student divers to the dive centre to fulfill not only their training completion needs, but also all of their diving needs
  • To help interest divers in more dive education, equipment and experiences

PADI’s eLearning model works one of three ways:

  1. PADI Dive Centres and Resorts can choose to place a link on their website that allows new student divers to sign up for online knowledge development learning. This automatically affiliates the diver with that store.
  2. Potential divers who find the eLearning link on will be prompted to first affiliate with a local PADI Dive Centre or Resort before continuing on to the eLearning site.
  3. PADI Dive Centres and Resorts can purchase eLearning gift passes for their students. These can be mailed directly to the divers which also automatically affiliates the diver with that store. This is very useful if you offer a package which includes the eLearning fee.

eLearning is all about convenience – the opportunity to begin and continue diver education beginning on the internet and continuing through PADI Dive Centres and Resorts. Through an interactive web-based program new students will read, hear and see the same material other student divers receive from interacting with the PADI Manuals, Video or Multimedia.

After enrolling, PADI’s eLearning system presents the student with interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes allow them to gauge their progress, and review and correct anything they might happen to miss. It lets them move through the program efficiently and at their own pace.

One of the most talked about benefits of PADI eLearning is how easy it is for PADI Members to offer the program. PADI has developed a set up program simple enough that anyone familiar with a keyboard and computer could easily navigate.

An outline to the basics of this program is available to PADI Retail & Resort Association Members on the PADI Pros site, including:

  • How PADI Dive Centres and Resorts can prepare to welcome eLearners into their business
  • What the eLearner experiences
  • How PADI Dive Centres and Resorts can integrate eLearning into their current training programs
  • What tools are available to help PADI Dive Centres and Resorts communicate with eLearners along with answers to other important questions on eLearning.

PADI Retail and Resort Association Members can get started by logging on to the PADI Pros site at and following the simple step-by-step instructions.

PADI Instructors can also be involved in the eLearning program.

For further information regarding eLearning, contact your PADI Regional Manager or call  +61 2 9454 2888:

The PADI Dive & Win Contest is Underway

The PADI Dive & Win contest launched in November anddiveandwin is getting divers excited to earn their PADI Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver certifications for a chance to win some really cool prizes. The contest also encourages water enthusiasts to refer a family member or friend to diving. Each part of the contest sends more divers your way.

PADI Dive Centres and Resorts are also taking part in this contest by working hard to increase the number of certifications issued over the same period last year. Why? Well, who wouldn’t want more customers? But, it’s also a chance to earn extra income.

Now available at the PADI Pros’ Site are marketing and promotional collateral to help you promote the contest and encourage potential customers to earn their certifications by 31 January 2013. You’ll find:

  • Email headers
  • Web banners
  • Customizable flyers

Additionally, you’ll find tools to help encourage your current customers to refer their friends to scuba diving. Visit the Marketing Toolbox and look for the PADI Dive & Win contest page under the list of marketing campaigns.

The contest ends 31 January 2013. Don’t wait to start promoting this contest. Start sharing it on your social networking sites, in your current classes, post flyers and spread the word. Use this time to increase your numbers and take advantage of a whole new customer base in 2013.

Have you joined ScubaEarth™ yet?

Scuba Earth Header

Share diving experiences on ScubaEarth and explore the interactive community for scuba divers and water enthusiasts alike. ScubaEarth offers more than 50,000 dive sites and 60 dive destinations to help you research your next vacation—and that’s just the beginning. You can also:

  • Log your dives
  • Show off your latest photos and videos
  • Join the dive crew of your favorite PADI dive shops
  • Find current weather and recent dive conditions
  • Use your gear locker to track when your gear is due to be serviced
  • Keep up with dive buddies and meet new dive buddies

Dive in and join today:

  • Go to
  • Select your experience level and click Register
  • Enter your details and click Register

Log on at to set up your profile today.

It’s a great time to be a PADI Pro – set yourself a goal in 2013!

There are many benefits when you become a PADI Instructor.  Luke Saunders 20.12.12

One of the most exciting is travel. It’s reassuring to know that – as PADI Instructor you not only have a fabulous career – the world is your oyster. You are one of the most sought-after dive professionals on the planet, you have the opportunity to travel and work in some of the most fascinating places on earth – and with more than 6,000 PADI Dive Centres and Resorts in 183 countries worldwide – the world is also your office and playground!

PADI recently interviewed Luke Saunders – 21years -from Victoria who is currently working as a PADI Open Water Instructor at Quicksilver Group in Port Douglas. 

As a student of PADI Course Director, Damian Jones in late 2011 Luke graduated from the William Anglis Institute in Melbourne earning the prestigious Diploma of Resort Management – DIVE. Luke recalls, “As soon as I passed my PADI Instructor Exam I got this rush to start teaching friends and family and show them my office”.

About a month later, Luke relocated to Vanuatu where he certified his first PADI Open Water student, “to begin withI was very nervous but once we got into it, I found it rewarding.  My student had no qualms – given it was my first course and we both had an awesome time”.

A major highlight in his relatively new career was when Luke was selected to take the 2012 Melbourne Cup for a dive. He spent a couple of hours underwater holding the iconic Cup which had been protected in a waterproof case as part of a marketing campaign.

And his ‘memorable moment’ so far as an instructor?  “That was with an open water student on their first ocean dive. We met with a playful Dugong who stayed with us for about 15 minutes.  I can’t repeat his words of excitement when we got out the water, but we were both ecstatic! 

Currently, his ideal day is spent taking novice divers out on the GBR and seeing their initial reactions on surfacing from the dive.  “The students do have an awesome time which makes me realise I’ve done a good job- sharing what the underwater world has to offer – it’s extremely satisfying”.

Being a young man of the world, Luke imparts his words of advice to future PADI Professionals…  

“Becoming a professional diver has many advantages and if you’re given the opportunity – take it!   Within a year of becoming an instructor, I’ve worked in places I’d never dreamt of visiting – experiencing unique underwater environments and aquatic life.  During my travels, I’ve made great friends – many being students.  In the professional diving industry, I’ve never had a dull moment and every day brings a new experience.

And where to from here?  “I hope to work with Quicksilver for another few years and then travel as a dive professional to new destinations.  As I gather more experience, I’m keen to try Technical Diving and see where that takes me.”

PADI Members in Asia Pacific certified more divers in 2012 than any year in PADI’s history, so what are you waiting for?  2013 is a great time to be a PADI Pro!

PADI Professionals have access to the PADI Pro’s Employment Board – it’s easy to check out great employment opportunities worldwide.

Contact your nearest PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre or visit

ScubaEarth™ Spotlight: Setting Up and Editing Dive Sites


By now you’ve visited ScubaEarth™, established your profile and are exploring the site. If you haven’t, log in at the PADI Pros’ Site and click on the SE icon to enter ScubaEarth.

So, what’s next? First of all, you’ll want to set up dive sites or edit existing sites you know. When you establish a dive site, your name appears next to it with a link back to your profile. This helps you establish credibility and leadership within the community. Plus, every time you establish a dive site, your name will appear with a link back to your profile.

Setting up a dive site is simple. Enter the latitude and longitude for the location and that dive site will show up on the community map. Because the dive sites you set up link back to your profile, you can maximize your exposure by quickly setting up as many accurate dive sites as possible. But, you don’t want to duplicate dive sites. You can edit any inaccurate information, but please avoid creating another one in the same location.

ScubaEarth is poised to become a trusted, valuable online dive resource. So, set up your profile, log dives, share content and get ready to engage more divers with ScubaEarth.

Stay tuned for more updates on ScubaEarth.

Project AWARE: Progress on Global Marine Litter Commitments Reported

This article is courtesy of Project AWARE.  Please also read the full article here.

In Miami, the world’s leading plastics associations launched a Project AWARE Litter image 14.12.12Progress Report on the Global Declaration of the Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter originally announced in March 2011 at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference.

The Progress Report identifies more than 140 projects to prevent marine litter that are completed, underway or planned – a substantial and significant increase from the 100 projects announced in Dubai in November 2011. In addition, the Progress Report provides case studies and detailed insights into preventing marine litter that can be expanded in other regions.

In March 2011, leaders from plastics associations across the globe announced the Global Declaration, a public commitment by a global industry to work with partners to tackle a global problem: plastics in the marine environment. 58 associations representing 34 countries have signed the Declaration as of December 2012.

“The plastics industry is firmly committed to the principle that plastics do not belong in the world’s oceans and should not be littered — plastics should be responsibly used, reused, recycled and finally recovered for their energy value. I’m pleased that actions taken in 2012 and planned for 2013 greatly exceed our commitments from November 2011”, said Wilfried Haensel, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope. “This report reflects the determination of our industry to shape solutions in partnerships with others,” added Steve Russell, Vice President Plastics at the American Chemistry Council.

Additional associations subsequently signed the Declaration, and today there are more than 140 projects completed, underway or planned. The projects vary widely, from education to global research and eco-efficient waste management and litter prevention.

Thank you to all PADI Members and Dive Centres who support Project AWARE. Please look out for more alerts from Project AWARE on how you can get involved. 

ScubaEarth™ Spotlight: Announcement Board


By now you’ve visited ScubaEarth™, established your profile and are exploring the site.

One area of ScubaEarth valuable to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts is the Announcement Board. Here, you can share information with divers who have chosen your store as their primary dive center. Each time these divers log in, they see your announcements on their home page. The friends of these divers also see your logo and announcement board when viewing the diver’s profile page. Clicking on the logo or announcement takes them to your store profile. Make the most out of what they see by linking your announcements to activities in your dive business, including:

  • boat trips
  • travel programs
  • upcoming classes
  • dive club meetings
  • specials on your website
  • other fun activities

The Announcement Board is an important communication vehicle you can use to attract customers. To add announcements, click the “Announcements” tab under your store logo, then select “edit”.

If you haven’t already set up your profile or started setting up dive sites, do so today. You can also download the How to Set Up Your ScubaEarth™ Profile brochure (1.4 Mb PDF) to help guide you through the process.

Stay tuned for more ScubaEarth updates.