My PADI Club™ Complete Pro Benefits


In case you haven’t surfaced in a while, here’s a quick overview of the all-new My PADI Club.

  • Accessible from any device, My PADI Club is a digital platform that makes it easier for consumers to start diving and for divers to keep exploring.
  • It gives divers the online tools, community support, information and savings they need to become lifelong divers and dive ambassadors.

My PADI Club is an opportunity for the dive industry to work together to attract more people to the sport and turn them into lifelong diving ambassadors. It specifically addresses barriers to new diver enrollment and key reasons why divers become inactive.

Here are five major benefits for dive pros of all stripes:

Grow Your Business –  Use diver savings on PADI courses and top gear as incentives to increase sales and certifications with Premium Club Members.

Advertising for Your Business –  Promote your business directly to potential customers by updating your profile with info and services.

Earn with Every Diver You Enroll –  PADI Dive Centers, Resorts, and Pros will earn commissions on registered Premium Club Members.

 Stronger Customer Relationships –  Leverage Club tools to search and connect with customers to notify them of events and promotions.

My PADI Club is designed by divers, for divers. It’s backed by research from one of the world’s leading research and business consulting firms, and shaped by the voices of the customers to deliver exactly what divers are asking for. My PADI Club is a unique, best-in-class opportunity offering all PADI Members the essential tools every diving authority needs. It simply helps PADI Dive Centres, Resorts and Pros continually grow their business, earn more money and build stronger relationships with customers.

ScubaEarth® GoPro Video Contest Enters Final Month

Use the ScubaEarth GoPro Video Contest to increase your PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course enrolment.

The ScubaEarth GoPro Video Contest entrants have the chance to win a new GoPro Hero3+ camera with underwater housing and filters by submitting a video (five minutes maximum) promoting the scuba diver lifestyle.

The contest ends 31 July, so don’t miss this chance to use the contest to boost upcoming digital underwater photography or videography courses. Here’s how:

  • Post announcements on your ScubaEarth and Facebook pages.
  • Send customers an email encouraging them to join your upcoming PADI Digital Underwater Photographer and Videographer courses to increase their chances of winning.
  • Add a banner or link to your website.
  • Add an article or banner to your newsletter or blog.

ScubaEarth Go Pro contest

Check out some of the previous winning videos:

For details, including the official rules, visit the GoPro Video Contest details page.

ScubaEarth® App Now Available!

The ScubaEarth App has launched on iOS and Android platforms. All ScubaEarth users (including PADI Members like you), now have the flexibility of accessing specific ScubaEarth features in the palm of your hands and while on the go. Here are some ways you and your divers can use the mobile app:

  • Locate PADI Dive Shops and dive sites.
  • Log new dives at over 8,000 dive sites and share on other social media sites.
  • Connect with divers, dive shops and potential new divers by immediately sending and receiving buddy requests.
  • Access your ScubaEarth logbook and reference all past logged dives.

If you’re an instructor, this is a great way to spend your surface intervals – researching, planning and sharing your dive experiences.

Many new features – including photo and video upload capabilities, enhanced profiles and greater communication avenues between divers and dive shops – will be added over the coming months.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to connect with your divers, potential new divers and be a part of the growing ScubaEarth community.

Download the ScubaEarth Mobile App today.

ScubaEarth App

ScubaEarth gets a revamp!

Great news for divers, it’s easier than ever to sign up for ScubaEarth, the one-stop shop for everything scuba related. The sign-up process is now not only more streamlined, but also compatible on your mobile phones and tablets.

The quick three step process is faster, allowing you to get onto the more important things like logging your dives, connecting with your dive buddies and finding your nearest or favorite dive shop to go diving with.

With over 75,000 divers already on ScubaEarth, you can connect with divers from all over the world, share your love of diving and all that you have seen or want to see.

As a PADI Professional on ScubaEarth, you can be closer than ever with divers in your area allowing them to ask questions about your diving experiences, local diving hot spots or information on continuing their diving education.

So head to to sign-up on your mobile phone, your desktop computer or your tablet to view the changes for yourself!

Ways to Engage with ScubaEarth!

SE_Icon_1With over 70,000 active users on ScubaEarth, this online community is only growing.

So how can you make the most of your ScubaEarth profile and attract additional customers looking to take their first breaths underwater?

Like other social media platforms, word of mouth is a strong way to accrue new customers and ScubaEarth provides a tailored marketing platform for this to occur.

Here are a couple of simple and easy options to start promoting your presence on ScubaEarth:

1. Add a ScubaEarth message to your emails

  1. Consider adding an email banner to your messages asking customers to join your ScubEarth Dive crew.
  2. Want to step it up a notch? Why not send out a targeted email to your database asking all of your previous and existing customers to join your dive crew? Did you know that we have a ScubaEarth email template available for your use? Download it from the PADI Pros Site, under theToolbox > Marketing > Web & Email Marketing

2. Add a ‘Join our Dive Crew’ Web Banner to your website

You wouldn’t leave your social media links off your website, so don’t forget about ScubaEarth! It is another way for your customers to actively connect with you. Diver’s are looking for information on where you dive, how often and who with, and ScubaEarth is the perfect place for them to find all of this information.

3. Share your logged dives on your other social media platforms

Don’t forget to cross promote! Make sure you are capturing all of your potential customers by linking your ScubaEarth activity to your other social media platforms. Your Facebook followers also want to know about the dives you are logging, where they are and what you saw!

4. Sign up all your divers after they complete a course with you & have them affiliate with your store

What better opportunity to connect with your customers, than right after they complete a course with you? Have them sign-up for ScubaEarth on the spot and log their training dives, making sure to tag your Dive Shop in each new dive!

Log in to ScubaEarth today to start promoting your Dive Shop!


ScubaEarth® Extras Now Available

scubaearthScubaEarth is proud to announce the launch of ScubaEarth Extras. As PADI Members these new features are now available to you and include:

Unlimited PADI eCard Access
As an added benefit for PADI Professionals, ScubaEarth Extras now allows you to display all your PADI Certifications via the PADI App. If you already have existing PADI eCards simply update your App and sign back in to have all your PADI eCards display.

Critter Finder
In addition to detailed information on a huge range of marine species, you can now see a range of tagged photos and find out where to spot your favorite critters! The Critter Finder is a great tool to attract more business. Have your staff tag any critters spotted on their dives, or captured in their dive photos or videos. This will ensure that when ScubaEarth users are searching for a particular animal in Critter Finder, your tagged images, videos and dives appear, allowing users to identify that when diving with your dive shop they are likely to spot their favorite animals. This might encourage them to join your ScubaEarth Dive Crew and even join your shop for a dive.

Personalised Dive Dashboard
Manage your favorite ScubaEarth components, like dive sites, dive buddies, marine species and featured destinations, with these interactive slates. It is now easier and quicker to track the diving activity at your local dive site. Keen to try and spot some dolphins? Then track these using the marine species slate and you can find out where they were last spotted. Customise the interactive slates by simply dropping and dragging them to your liking.

Log in to ScubaEarth today to access the NEW ScubaEarth Extras! For PADI Professionals this now includes free access to all your PADI eCards.

GoPro Hero3 ScubaEarth Video Contest

As every diver knows, it’s nearly impossible to describe the underwater world in mere words. And while there’s nothing like actually being there, a great underwater video can enchant even the stodgiest land-lubber. So PADI has partnered with GoPro to incentivize divers to create and share underwater videos.

Divers who upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo and post it to ScubaEarth will be eligible to win a new GoPro Hero3+ with underwater housing, mount, and two filters. A new winner will be selected each month from February through July 2014.

ScubaEarth Go Pro contest

Here are the specific details of how to enter:

1. Divers sign in or create a free account at
2. Upload the scuba video to YouYube or Vimeo and copy the link.
3. Post the video to the media gallery by clicking the Media Upload button

ScubaEarth Go Pro contest
4. Send a message to the ScubaEarth Community Manager* with a link to the video.

ScubaEarth Go Pro contest

5. A new winner will be chosen each month from February through July 2014. ScubaEarth members can enter up to two videos per month – and yes, PADI Pros are eligible to enter!

Videos should be no more than 5 minutes in length and promote the scuba diver lifestyle including topside and/or underwater highlights of a dive destination including, but not limited to, underwater animal life and divers exploring the underwater world. Videos that include footage of divers touching marine life or the reef, including artificial reefs such as wrecks, will be disqualified.

For additional details, including the official rules, visit

* Every ScubaEarth member is automatically associated with the ScubaEarth Community Manager, but if you are such a popular diver that you can’t find the Community Manager amongst all your buddies, use the search box to locate the Community Manager’s profile.

ScubaEarth Go Pro contest

ScubaEarth Premium offers users added features

ScubaEarth Premium is an exciting option for users wanting to expand their ScubaEarth experience. ScubaEarth Premium users will be some of the most active, engaged users on the site. They’ll be looking for new dive opportunities, dive travel packages and new gear, making them more inclined to visit the profiles of active ScubaEarth dive shops. If you’re logging dives at a particular dive site every weekend, for example, ScubaEarth users watching that dives site may be more like to join your ScubaEarth Dive Crew and even join you for a real dive. PADI Dive Centers and Resorts receive complimentary access to the Premium section and users can access these benefits for $19.99 US:

  • PADI eCard Access – Premium users have access to all their PADI eCards. This is a great benefit for users wanting to display their certifications via the PADI App. This feature will be extremely popular for users with multiple PADI certifications.
  • Personalized Dive Dashboard – This single hub displays interactive slates so users can manage their favorite ScubaEarth components like favorite dive sites, dive buddies, marine species and featured destinations.

  • Critter Finder – Premium subscribers can find detailed marine species information, photos, top dive sites and external media associated with their favorite critters.

The Premium section of ScubaEarth will be launching soon, so now is a good time to set up your ScubaEarth profile and make sure you can connect with this engaged base of divers.

ScubaEarth – How to utilise your Media Gallery

With ScubaEarth’s birthday promotion currently underway, asking divers to share their ScubaEarth content on social media sites, what better opportunity to ensure that your media gallery is up to scratch and content rich.

Whether its videos or images, keep consumers engaged with your Dive Shop profile by uploading media from your latest dives, upcoming dive trips, or store promotions. You can create multiple galleries, tag your dive buddies as well as categorising your images and identifying the marine species showcased.


Once your images and videos are live, share these out to your social network by clicking on the share buttons underneath your media gallery. You can share your whole gallery or share individual images.


Remember to tag your Divemasters, staff and other buddies in your images to expand your potential consumer base.

Keep active on ScubaEarth so you can connect with your existing and potential customers by logging in today.

Stay active on ScubaEarth with Email Notifications

ScubaEarth now delivers straight to your inbox!

You no longer have to be logged onto ScubaEarth to receive the latest updates from your dive buddies. ScubaEarth email notifications let you know when divers interact with you on the site, fast tracking the reply process and increasing engagement. Capture customer enquiries when they happen and transform potential customers into regulars.

What types of notifications will you receive?

  • Pending Dive Crew Requests
  • Pending Private Messages
  • Like or Comments Received
  • When you are Tagged in Media or Logged Dives
  • Community Updates

Managing these notifications is easy too. ScubaEarth allows you to specify the frequency that you receive these updates. Only want to receive reminders once a week? No problems, simply go to the ‘Edit Profile’ section, scroll down to the ‘Notifications’ tab and set your preferences.

email scuba


Email notifications not only means that you are kept up to date on customer queries, but also that your dive buddies are informed regularly of your activity on ScubaEarth! All divers will receive an alert when their Primary Dive Shop updates their Announcement Board, providing yet another avenue for you to keep in touch with your divers.

Keep active on ScubaEarth so you can connect with your existing and potential customers by logging in today.