PADI Instructor Examinations for September 2018

Uljin, South Korea | 1/09/2018Hoi An, Vietnam | 8/09/2018

Cebu, Philippines | 12/09/2018

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia | 12/09/2018

Pattaya, Thailand | 12/09/2018

Phuket, Thailand | 15/09/2018

Bohol, Philippines | 15/09/2018

Qingdao, China | 15/09/2018

Havelock Island, India | 16/09/2018

Koh Tao, Thailand | 18/09/2018

Puerto Galera, Philippines | 18/09/2018

Semporna, Malaysia | 21/09/2018

Xu Yi, China | 21/09/2018

Kunming, China | 21/09/2018

Perhentian, Malaysia | 24/09/2018

Amed, Indonesia | 26/09/2018

Lembongan, Indonesia | 26/09/2018

Bali, Indonesia  | 29/09/2018

Perth, Australia | 29/09/2018

PADI Instructor Examinations for August 2018

2 August | Lembongan, Indonesia

4 August | Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

4 August | Bohol, Philippines

7 August | Semporna, Malaysia

7 August | Moalboal, Philippines

9 August | Wenzhou, China

10 August | Malapascua, Philippines

11 August | Sanya, China

11 August | Tioman Island, Malaysia

11 August | Hong Kong

18 August | Cairns, Australia

18 August | Phuket, Thailand

21 August | Koh Tao, Thailand

25 August | Sydney, Australia

25 August | Tianjin, China

25 August | Bali, Indonesia

25 August | Nha Trang, Vietnam

29 August | Lembongan, Indonesia

31 August | Taipei, Taiwan


PADI Instructor Examinations for July, 2018

2 July | Lembongan, Indonesia

2 July | Bangkok, Thailand

4 July | Tauranga, New Zealand

5 July | Amed, Indonesia

6 July | Nanjing, China

7 July | Papeete, French Polynesia

7 July | Kunming, China

7 July | Perth, Australia

8 July | Puerto Galera, Philippines

11 July | Pattaya, Thailand

11 July | Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

13 July | Nanjing, China


14 July | Phuket, Thailand

14 July | Dumaguete, Philippines

14 July | Geelong, Australia

14 July | Sydney, Australia

17 July | Koh Tao, Thailand

18 July | Cebu, Philippines

20 July | Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

20 July | Kenting, Taiwan

21 July | Anilao, Philippines

21 July | Bali, Indonesia

23 July | Subic Bay, Philippines

24 July | Gili Islands, Indonesia

28 July | Beijing, China

28 July | Jakarta, Indonesia

PADI Instructor Examinations for June, 2018

01 June | Pondicherry, India

02 June | Sydney, Australia

05 June | Malapascua, Philippines

05 June | Port Blair, India

08 June | Bohol, Philippines

09 June | Sanya, China

09 June | Singapore

09 June | Tioman Island, Malaysia

12 June | Gili Islands, Indonesia

12 June | Rarotonga, Cook Islands

16 June | Cairns, Australia

16 June | Phuket, Thailand

16 June | Bali, Indonesia

19 June | Gold Coast, Australia

19 June | Koh Tao, Thailand

19 June | Semporna, Malaysia

22 June | Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

23 June | Jeju Island, South Korea

23 June | Shenzhen, China

26 June | Nha Trang, Vietnam

27 June | El Nido, Philippines

29 June | Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course

There is something quite mesmerising about entering the underwater world on your own terms and only for as long as your breath will allow you. Not only does freediving allow you to extend your personal limits in a gentle manner, but it also encourages you to learn inward control, discipline and power. 


Freediving has become an increasingly popular and powerful way to explore the depths of the ocean floor. If you have ever wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, without equipment and on a single breath, then freediving is for you! 

In May and for the second time ever, the PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course was completed in Cebu, Philippines. The program was hosted by the PADI Asia Pacific team but also had global representation amongst both staff and candidates. This international program bought together 15 candidates from 6 different countries, with presentations being translated into 5 different languages.

During the course, candidates learned about instruction and learning theory, psychology of counselling and evaluation techniques, risk management and marketing. Furthermore, each candidate also completed several teaching assignments and assessments in the classroom, confined water and open water. The program was supported logistically by PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer, Do Yen Kim and staff from Poseidon Cebu. The course also featured a guest speaker presentation by PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Jean-Pol (JP) Francois from Freediving Planet Moalboal.

Speaking about the event, PADI Territory Director Thomas Knedlik said:

The PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer program brought together experienced PADI Master Freediver Instructors from around the globe. It has been incredible to witness the transformation of several national and international Freediving champions, all of whom with extensive experience teaching the PADI Freediver program, leaving the program with the required skills and knowledge to teach the popular PADI Freediver Instructor Course. The tremendous growth in demand for the courses that were released by PADI in 2015 will ensure these new PADI Freediver Instructor Trainers will have plenty of work and the unmatched marketing and business support provided by PADI will help to support the growth of the Freediving industry in its entire.”

2018 FDITC

Interested in becoming a PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer?

Due to its tremendous success and the demand for additional programs, PADI will be running PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Courses at an ongoing basis, in various locations around the globe.

To apply, candidates will need to be renewed and in teaching status as a PADI Master Freediver Instructor, completed the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer course and have experience teaching all PADI Freediver program levels beyond those required for the PADI Master Freediver Instructor level.

In addition, applicants will need to have experience staffing PADI Freediver Instructor training courses and not have had any verified Quality Management complaints in the last 12 months, prior to the course date.

For further information about the Freediver Instructor Trainer Course, it’s prerequisites, requirements and future programs, please contact your Regional Manager.

PADI Instructor Examinations for May, 2018

04 May | Wellington, New Zealand

05 May | Hong Kong

09 May | Amed, Indonesia

11 May | Komodo, Indonesia

11 May | Taipei, Taiwan

12 May | Auckland, New Zealand

12 May | Bali, Indonesia

12 May | Singapore

15 May | Gili Islands, Indonesia

16 May | Cebu, Philippines

16 May | Pattaya, Thailand

19 May | Phuket, Thailand

19 May | Shanghai, China

22 May | Koh Tao, Thailand

22 May | Perhentian Island, Malaysia

22 May | Puerto Galera, Philippines

24 May | Dumaguete, Philippines

26 May | Christchurch, New Zealand

27 May | Anilao, Philippines

28 May | Lembongan, Indonesia

Register Now for PADI Rescue Workshop, Gold Coast

We are excited to announce that PADI Asia Pacific will be conducting a PADI Rescue Workshop held in the Gold Coast on Sunday 27th May 2018 at 9:30am.


Open to all divers, regardless of certification level or training organisation, you will have the opportunity to practice your rescue skills and gain insights into additional rescue skills and qualifications you could earn in the future. So get in early and register your spot today.

Click here to register

To participate you will need to provide;

  • Diving equipment- must be in good working order and include a BCD, regulator, instruments, cylinder, exposure, protection suitable for 21-24 degree water and weights
  • Proof of diving certification
  • A current medial certificate showing you are fit for recreational scuba diving

Tickets are free of charge and numbers are limited so priority will be given to those that register in advance. Register today so you don’t miss out.

Contact your PADI Regional Manager or email for more information.