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PADI Business Academy Lite – Register Now

25 Jan


Want to streamline your multi-channel marketing strategies this year and improve the overall effectiveness of your initiatives? Learn how by attending one of the PADI Business Academy Lite Seminars.

Melbourne, Australia: Tuesday, 2 May 2017Register now

Wellington, New Zealand: Monday, 31 July 2017 – Register now

2017 Presentation Topics

Hear from Thomas Knedlik, PADI Territory Director and Sheridan Hatcher, PADI Marketing Executive as they take you through strong digital marketing strategies as well as business, sales, customer service and training opportunities.

Early bird offer!

Book your ticket 6 weeks prior to the Academy and receive AUD$20 off the cost of tuition. Plus, with every third paid attendee, you will receive a fourth free. So get in early and register your spot today.

Supercharge your dive operation in 2017 and beyond!

Setting goals for 2017

18 Jan

Hands up who has set some new year resolutions? OK …. now be honest – who has already broken them?

Setting Goals for 2017

Many of you will have set yourselves some goals or resolutions for the new year – some of these will be successfully completed whilst others will be forgotten about by March. 😉

As we look at areas of our personal life where we can make changes, improve things, grow and set goals, we should do the same in our professional and business lives too.

For your professional life:

Set yourself some personal development goals this year – think about what you would like to do before this time next year. It could be as simple as finally getting that underwater camera setup, joining a Digital Underwater Photographer or Videographer specialty and learning to use it well. It might include training as a PADI Freediver Instructor, diving Sidemount or gaining some TecRec certifications. Or, you aim high and work your way towards applying for the Course Director Training Course.

Whatever your diving goals are be sure to talk to your local PADI Dive Centre, Regional Manager or others who already excel in those areas for advice and information.

PADI Sidemount DiverDigital Underwater PhotoghaphyPADI TecRec

Professional goals don’t always have to be diving related either. It may be that like so many of us your goals or resolutions are to get fitter, stronger and healthier! We all know we dive better, enjoy it more and are generally safer when we are not struggling with our personal health. Modelling this behaviour also demonstrates the importance of keeping physically and mentally fit to our student divers.

Perhaps you will look at ways of making yourself more employable. Learn more about marketing and social media use for business, start a blog, take a business course, get your skippers ticket. There are so many possibilities to enhance our lives and future proof your employability!

For your business:

Setting sales, certification, training and travel targets gives you and your staff incentive and something to aim for each day, week and month. Every business should have goals – perhaps set some certifications goals for growth – look at the areas of your business with strong or poor growth rates year on year. See if you can discover why these areas were strong/poor and brainstorm some ideas to improve them in 2017. For example; if your entry level certifications are strong but conversions to continuing education courses are not as strong, think of some ways to to push these courses or follow up past course participants.Set your targets

As you all know its now almost a required part of business to use social media and blogging to market and promote your business – look at setting up a 2017 content calendar for staff to post for things like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and your Blog. Once staff know their responsibilities it helps them to prepare and meet their

PADI Business Academies are a great way to further develop your skills in this area. To find out when a PADI Business Academy will be happening in your region click here.

Contact your PADI Regional Manager who can assist in setting goals for growth and can offer support, advice and assistance to ensure you have an amazingly successful 2017.

PADI Business Academy Lite is back in 2017

10 Jan


The PADI Business Academy Lite powers up again in the Asia Pacific region for 2017. Attendees from previous PADI Business Academy programs in Asia Pacific have achieved significant certification growth in the following months after completing the program.

The PADI Business Academy Lite is a combination of presentations and hands-on workshops. You’ll explore digital marketing strategies for your website/social media channels as well as ideas and strategies for your business relating to sales and customer service to assist in supercharging your dive operation in 2017 and beyond.

To ensure a custom-tailored learning environment, the number of attendees are limited. So don’t delay – contact your PADI Regional Manager to transform your business for success.

If you have not yet attended a PADI Business Academy Lite, we strongly encourage you to not miss out and sign up today.

The following PADI Business Academy Lite programs are scheduled across Asia Pacific for 2017.

Business Academy Dates
Singapore 18th January 2017
Shanghai, China (Presented in Chinese) 5th April 2017
Taipei, Taiwan (Presented in Chinese) 12th April 2017
Melbourne, Australia 2nd May 2017
Nadi, Fiji 10th May 2017
Wellington, New Zealand 31st July 2017



PADI Business Academy 2017 Schedule

9 Jan

business academy logoEducate the whole team in cutting edge strategies to increase customer acquisition and improve profitability.

2017’s PADI Business Academies run over two days and aim to highlight the importance of understanding and evolving your business model to meet the needs of today’s customers.

You’ll explore a range of digital marketing strategies for your website, email marketing and social media channels as well as sales and customer service ideas and strategies for your business. The inclusion of workshops will enable you to put your new learnings into practice.

Sheridan Hatcher, Marketing Executive, maintains that a key feature of the Asia Pacific Business Academies will be the strong focus on the ongoing PADI staff follow-ups and close working relationships with attendees.

“We will aim to help you achieve your business goals set over the course of the program. These goals are chosen by attendees from the topics and business opportunities discussed over the two days,” Sheridan says.

2017 PADI Business Academy Lite (One Day) Schedule

Day Month Location
18 January Singapore
5 April Shanghai, China (Presented in Chinese)
12 April Taipei, Taiwan (Presented in Chinese)
2 May Melbourne, Australia
10 May Nadi, Fiji
31 July Wellington, New Zealand

 2017 PADI Business Academy (Two Day) Schedule

Day Month Location
3-4 April Jeju, South Korea (Presented in Korean)
16-17 May Bangkok, Thailand
6-7 June Bali, Indonesia
11-12 October Manila, Philippines

2017 PADI Business Academy – Outbound Chinese Tourism (One Day) Schedule

Day Month Location
19 June Cebu, Philippines
10 December Koh Samui, Thailand
13 December Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So what are you waiting for? Email or contact your PADI Regional Manager to register and ignite growth in all operational aspects for 2017 and beyond.

Are your customer’s needs and wants being met?

2 Feb

With customer reviews more important than ever, sometimes its worth stopping and putting yourself in your customers shoes. Would you be happy with the service being received by your business?

Any customer who walks into your store, sends an email or makes a phone call to you is a potential customer for life and should immediately be treated as such.

Answering the phone with a smile on your face, greeting a walk in customer with polite conversation and ensuring your customers have what they need, both while underwater and on the surface, is generally expected from any customer these days.


As we all know, it’s the negative reviews that stick and could impact the next customers decision, so have a think about all aspects of your customer service and ask the following questions:

  1. Are staff enthusiastic about diving?
    • First impressions last! As Regional Manager I enter many dive businesses and the ones who’s staff are all smiling, laughing and selling the excitement and beauty of our underwater world are the ones that I would want to dive with or purchase off.
  2. Do staff all have a thorough understanding of the products the store sells? Dive Gear? Courses? Trips?
    • As a consumer spending my hard earned cash I want my questions answered and expect to walk out of the store with more knowledge of products, courses and trips than I came in with. Personally, I usually go into a store to purchase something, so remind staff to ‘Close the Sale’ at the end of the conversation.
  3. Are staff continuously alert and proactively meeting needs of divers at the dive site?
    • As dive managers/owners you cannot be everywhere at once. Ensuring divers are being looked after when out on the dive boat for example is extremely important – not only for customer satisfaction but for ensuring the safety of everyone on board. Surface support (skippers/boatman) should remain alert at all times while divers are down. Headphones on listening to loud music, taking a nap in the sun should be avoided – the job of these staff are to know where the divers are underwater and be ready to act should a diver ascend and call for assistance. Be aware of surrounding environment in particular underwater currents which could sweep divers off the site and be ready to assist divers back onto the boat comfortably and safely.
  4. If something goes wrong do staff follow up with customers correctly? Do you have processes in place to deal with customer complaints? 
    • Things can and sometimes do go wrong. How we deal with these issues is sometimes the most important part of customer service! All too often we hear of minor things going wrong and unhappy customers. Ensure staff address the customer correctly or pass the information on to the correct person to deal with. Sometimes all customers want is an apology and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  5. Do you ask your customers for feedback?
    • We all learn from our mistakes – this is the same in business. Gathering feedback in any form can be beneficial to ensure continued improvement. Provide pathways for customers to give feedback and most importantly listen to it and use it to improve your service.


Continuously analyzing your business including the service you provide will keep you ahead of the game and in the end your customers will remain loyal and come back – they will also tell their friends and family of their great experience – Word of Mouth is still the best form of advertising so you want this to be positive.

To learn more about the business of diving including customer service tips attend an up and coming PADI Business Academy in 2016.

2016 PADI Business Academies

2 Dec

PADI-Business-Academy-Lo-ResGet ready to gear up for another PADI Business Academy season in 2016. PBA’s are designed to arm you and your staff with the cutting edge strategies needed to increase customer acquisition and improve profitability, as well as ignite growth in all operational aspects.

2016’s Business Academies highlight the importance of understanding and evolving your business model to meet the needs of today’s customers, and will look at the impact of technological advancements on consumer demands and expectation.

Sheridan Hatcher, Marketing Executive, maintains that a key feature of the Asia Pacific Business Academies will be the strong “focus on the ongoing PADI staff follow-ups and close working relationships with attendees to help achieve the business goals set over the course of the program. These goals are chosen by attendees from the topics and business opportunities discussed over the two day.”

2016 Business Academy Schedule:

Business Academy Dates
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 24th – 25th February
Seoul, South Korea 28th – 29th March
Bangkok, Thailand 17th – 18th May
Bali, Indonesia 7th – 8th June
Sydney, Australia 26th -27th July
Cebu, The Philippines 19th – 20th October

Register today for one of Asia Pacific’s Business Academies in 2016 or contact your Regional Manager or Charlotte Seller; for further information.

Venues to be confirmed.

Powering Up at the PADI Business Academy in Brisbane

17 Sep

business academy brisbane
Due to popular demand the PADI Business Academy returned to Brisbane on the 15th -16th September to assist PADI Members with tailored marketing and business strategies relevant to the industry and their region.

Members travelled from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and even Indonesia to attend this sold out programme, which included new content specific to the training opportunities available in Australia. Danny Dwyer, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at PADI Asia Pacific travelled specifically to deliver and discuss these new and unique prospects, which are reflective of upcoming changes and opportunities within the dive industry as a whole. This included a much anticipated section on the impending release of the PADI Free Diver program, scheduled for launch later in November at DEMA.

It was a great two days with all 30 participants who will now focus on completing their key action items and the take home strategies they identified and developed over the course of the Academy. With the PADI Marketing team’s commitment to post programme follow-ups, attendees will benefit from continued support and assistance well beyond the immediate conclusion of the academy.