Position Vacant: RTO Coordinator (Aus)

We have an exciting career opportunity for an RTO Coordinator to join the PADI Asia Pacific team based in Sydney, Australia.

The RTO Coordinator will provide support for PADI Members with enquiries related to RTO training, customer service and compliance.

As a minimum requirement, you should have a Certificat IV in Training and Assessment together with 2 years of experience.

For further information, please view the job description here.

To apply, please send your CV to:

Alison Vasek
Human Resources Manager
PADI Asia Pacific


You Can Plan the PADI Women’s Dive Day Event That Works for You

PADI Women’s Dive Day is fast approaching (21st July 2018 in case you’ve forgotten) and one of the great things about this day is that you can create a PADI Women’s Dive Day event that suits you!

If you’re not really sure where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the event ideas below and see if something inspires you.

If you want to get more people in the water:

Host a dive! This one might seem obvious but there are so many different ways you can make this work.

  • Offer try-dive experiences like PADI Discover Scuba Dives
  • Host an all-female led dive to celebrate some of your female employees.
  • Discounted courses for PADI Women’s Dive Day
  • Encouraging women to try a specialty they might not have tried before – like PADI Night Diver or the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.

If you want to get people thinking about the health of our ocean:

Ocean conservation is a really important issue, so why not use your PADI Women’s Dive Day Event to highlight it?

  • Consider hosting a fundraiser for a non-profit organisation that is working to improve ocean health (e.g. Project AWARE , Mission Blue or a local organisation in your community).
  • Incorporate a Dive Against Debris® into your Women’s Dive Day plans (or try a beach clean-up if diving conditions aren’t ideal).
  • Put on an educational lecture or film screening. Perhaps someone you know has a passion for conservation and wants to teach the local community how they can get involved – this is a great opportunity to get them involved.

If you want to strengthen the female community:

We truly think that any of these events will strengthen the female community, but you might want to take it a step further.

  • Rally your divers to give back to organisations who are empowering women to take leadership roles within the dive industry – like Women Divers Hall of Fame.
  • Look to the next generation! Encourage girls in the community to start exploring the underwater world and instil a passion for the environment in them from a young age.
  • Spotlight women on your team (and other teams) who are having an impact on the local community. Share their stories on your social media channels, in your email communications or even get in touch with your local newspaper and ask them to spread the word even further!

Encourage inclusiveness in the diving community:

PADI Women’s Dive Day is a great excuse for people of all abilities to learn to dive!

  • Consider offering the PADI Adaptive Support Diver Specialty or the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty in the lead up to (or on) Women’s Dive Day.
  • People with a range of conditions (including Autism) can see real benefits of diving. Speak with people in your community about how you can best help them explore the underwater world.

Planning something else? We’d love to hear! Let us know what you’re planning here.

Still got questions or need help? No problem! Just send our Women’s Dive Day team an email and we’ll be happy to help!

Ready to register? Go for it! Register here.


What Went Down at the Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2018

If you’ve ever been curious about competitive freediving and what it takes to participate in a national competition, keep reading – we think you might be surprised. 

People say that freediving is about inward power, discipline and control – and this was acutely evident at Lake Taupo during the 2018 Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals.

Competitive and recreational grade freedivers came together to take part in the three day competition. Many of the competitors hoped to walk away with a strong international ranking that they will take with them into future competitions.

Others, like New Zealander Ryan Hansen, are newer to competitive freediving and while they compete in the same disciplines (Constant Weight, Constant Weight No Fins and Free Immersion) the rules are more relaxed and they are here more for the experience of competition diving without so much of the pressure.

Ryan said “Having never been to a freediving competition before, going to the depth nationals was quite daunting. However as soon as I arrived I was welcomed and put at ease by the officials and other more experienced competitors. The atmosphere was supportive throughout the competition and I learned heaps. I will definitely be back next year”.

Each day of competition allows competitors to choose to do a different discipline each day or focus on one and submit the best for their final results. Competitors are required to announce the discipline of their dive and nominate the depth they will be attempting to reach.

Ryan finished in second place amongst the recreational male divers with dives of 21 metres for Constant Weight No Fins, and 30 metres in both Constant Weight and Free immersion.

Day one saw almost all competitors perform faultless dives including a National Record for Zimbabwe claimed by Matthew Woods in the Constant Weight No Fins discipline.

Day Two provided slightly more challenging conditions however judges saw several strong performances again.

Competition organiser Nick Rhodes believes that while it is incredible to see the performance of the competitors, the truly amazing part about competitions such as this is the sense of community.

“We have freedivers from different parts of the world, and completely different backgrounds, all here with a shared passion for the sport,” he said.

“For a sport that requires you to turn inward for strength while diving, there’s a real community vibe at competitions like this.”

PADI Regional Manager, Jen Clent, who was there over the three days of competition agreed.

“In freediving, rather than competitors feeling like they’re competing against one another, there’s a sense that they are competing against themselves. It is so great to see everyone sharing one another’s successes and just as strongly, the disappointment of an early turn or a red card.”

With successful dives ranging from 6 metres to 55 metres across both competition and recreational grades it really does go to show that these competitions welcome all level of divers and with the rapid growth of freediving, it’s only natural that more athletes will join this community of passionate athletes. Both Freediving New Zealand and sponsor PADI Asia Pacific are exciting to see just what that community grows into.

For the full list of results, visit the Freediving New Zealand Facebook Page.

Interested in becoming a PADI Freediver Centre? Talk to your Regional Manager to find out more.

Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2018

The stage is set for the Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals being held this Thursday 15th March to Saturday 18th March.

The competition, which will be held over three days, will include all AIDA depth competition disciplines – Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM).

Each day will be made of three sessions, where competitors will nominate their discipline and make their dive. Disciplines may be repeated however only their best result in each discipline will go towards their final ranking.

Lake Taupo, where the competition will be held, is a 186m deep caldera in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. Visibility is generally around 15 metres and the water temperature is usually around 19 degrees – but thermoclines do come into play.

PADI are thrilled to be a teaming up with Freediving New Zealand as a sponsor of the Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2018.

Speaking of the partnership, competition organiser Nick Rhodes said:

“Freediving is an exhilarating sport but there are inherent risks involved. As such, training and technique play such an important role.

Freediving New Zealand is thrilled to be working with PADI to highlight these crucial aspects of the sport and to further expand the freediving community in New Zealand and beyond”

Stay up to date with the latest by visiting the Freediving New Zealand Facebook Page and check out the PADI Instagram channel over the course of the weekend for updates from Lake Taupo.

Want to become a PADI Freediver Centre? Speak to your Regional Manager Today.


Dive for Cancer Raises Record Funds

It’s a devastating fact that 1 in 2 people in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer before their 85th birthday (source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). So it’s only natural to want to raise much needed funds for research into this widespread disease.

In 2013, PADI Divemaster and Cancer Council Ambassador Mark Tozer created Dive for Cancer, a unique scuba diving fund raising event. Since then, Dive for Cancer has grown into a non-profit organisation that brings together divers all over Australia and beyond to raise much needed funds for cancer research.

This year, there have been three Dive for Cancer events hosted in Queensland, South Australia and, for the first time, New Zealand.

Speaking about the event in South Australia, Mark Tozer said:

“This year the weather favoured our sell-out event, enabling 150 divers to dig deep in our underwater passion and joint goal in the fight toward a future without cancer.

Year on year we have seen our event grow and the generosity and donations increase. We are overwhelmed to say that together we’ve raised $29,388.86 at this year’s event.”

Despite the weather in New Zealand trying to keep divers away (roads were closed following a cyclone) it was a great day there too with 14 dedicated divers raising an awesome $1,315NZD.

It’s always incredible to see the diving community come together to support a cause and Dive for Cancer is no exception.

Congratulations to Mark, the Dive for Cancer team and everyone who got involved in this year’s events.

Young Ocean Explorers and NZAEE Seaweek Contest

We all know kids are the future, and the sooner we encourage them to learn about and love our underwater world, the more equipped they’ll be to protect it.

Since 2012, PADI AmbassaDivers Young Ocean Explorers have been on a mission to inspire kids to love our ocean through entertaining education – and now they’ve taken it to the next level.

Their new interactive website is home to countless games, quizzes and videos that highlight the importance of caring for our oceans.

Together with NZAEE Seaweek, Young Ocean Explorers is offering students and their teachers the chance to win over $20K worth of prizes for themselves, their classroom and their school.

Entering the contest is easy – simply visit their website and sign up! Not only will you have the chance to win one of five incredible prize packages but you you’ll get access to hours of educational fun.

Entry is only open to teachers and students in New Zealand, so if you’re not eligible, feel free to pass the opportunity on to someone who is. Even if you’re not eligible, you can still sign up to access the incredible resources.

For more information, visit youngoceanexplorers.com

PADI Wins TAUCHEN Award Again for 2018

For the 20th consecutive year, PADI has been awarded the prestigious TAUCHEN Award for Best Diver Training Organisation. The TAUCHEN Awards are often referred to as the ‘Oscars of the Dive Industry’ and each year the highly popular German diving magazine, which focuses on dive travel, equipment and industry news, invites its readers to vote for their preferences in 17 different industry categories. PADI has been the unwavering favourite diver training organisation, taking home the coveted bronze dolphin statuette for the Best Diver Training Organisation every year, since the award’s inception.

This award is a tribute to the excellence of PADI Members around the world and the quality training they deliver every day.

This year the awards were presented on 25th January, 2018, in conjunction with the BOOT Trade Show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“I’d like to dedicate this award to PADI Members throughout the globe and thank them for their continued support of, and loyalty to, the PADI organisation. Thank you also for your expert diver training, contribution to diver safety and outreach to the diving community. Together we are the way the world learns to dive.”

– Mark Spiers, Vice President of Training, Sales and Field Services for PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa.