PADI | GoPro Evolution Contest Moves on to Part 2 – EDIT

Go Pro Evolution Contest - Go Pro - Contest

By now you’ve heard that PADI® has partnered with GoPro to present the three-part Evolution video contest series, which will run through 2019. It’s now down to just two parts, since the CAPTURE contest ended 30 May (with more than 1,200 entries). If you missed your chance to enter the CAPTURE contest, there’s still an opportunity for you or your divers to win great prizes.

The second contest, EDIT, opens 1 July and closes 15 August, and tests video-editing skills by asking you to artfully piece together a series of clips provided by GoPro. (The final contest, CAPTURE/EDIT, runs 16 September through 31 October and requires putting everything together – capturing and editing – into one awesome story.) While the focus is on editing GoPro’s underwater clips, the EDIT contest is still a great opportunity to grow your business:

  • Sell the Digital Underwater Photographer specialty. The Digital Underwater Photographer specialty course doesn’t just teach how to shoot great stills and video; it teaches divers how to tell a story. This includes shooting and editing. Whether it’s Adobe Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro or even GoPro’s free-to-download Quik software, there are dozens of great video editing programs your students can learn. Quik makes video editing seamless with panning and time-lapse effects, and the ability to sync music to clips with just a few clicks. Sell your divers the complete storytelling experience with a Digital Underwater Photography course,  then…
  • Sell more GoPro cameras (and accessories). Even though GoPro provides the clips to edit a story together and GoPro’s Quik software is free to download, meaning there’s no purchase necessary to enter the EDIT contest, what you’re really selling is the experience and the chance to enter the third contest, CAPTURE/EDIT. That means selling divers a GoPro camera along with the Digital Underwater Photography course, and putting it all together.

Download logos, images and other GoPro assets to promote the PADI | GoPro Evolution video contest on your page, and good luck.

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