How to Use the EFR Logos and Trademarks

Did you know as Emergency First Response Instructor Trainers you are allowed to use and reproduce the latest logos and images to promote your business?

The EFR logo is available to current and renewed EFR Instructors and registered EFR Centers offering EFR programs.

The word EFR and the EFR logo, which consists of a heart with a pulse line inside a box, with the words Emergency First Response, can be used on your promotional materials such as specifically printed brochures, or any interactive digital or broadcast media including web sites.

Some limitations you need to be aware of are:

  • The EFR logo cannot be placed on goods that you intend to sell (such as mugs or T-shirts). If you want to use the logo on staff shirts for example, you will need to get separate written authorization.
  • Websites and promotional material should clearly identify the EFR instructor who will be conducting any training.
  • You are not able to use EFR name or logo in internet domain names or email addresses.
  • It cannot be combined with other marks, symbols, language or be altered in any way. You need to follow the exact format, character, general appearance, type style, background and proportions of the logo/mark.

Guidelines and Terms of Use can be found on the EFR Instructor Site (PADI Members need to access via PADI Pros’ Site/Training Essentials/EFR/EFR Instructor Site) under Toolkit/General Forms. You can also view the EFR License Agreement.

Here you will find the current Trademark Usage Guidelines and specific advice on how to use and reproduce the latest logos and images appropriately, to promote your business successfully. By using the logo in this way you will ensure that you receive maximum exposure and at the same time remain within the license agreement regarding logo and trademark use.

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