Business Development Opportunities with Emergency First Response

Does your local marketplace have a need for any first aid training that is not immediately available through the current suite of EFR courses? You may think the EFR programs cannot cover these gaps in the market but by using an alternate route, these gaps may well be filled to grow your first aid business.

To give you food for thought, here are some examples that might work well in your local marketplace:

  • EFR Distinctive Specialties
  • Recognised first aid training – in Australia / New Zealand


You might like to author an EFR Distinctive Specialty to expand your business. Once you have an idea for your EFR Distinctive Speciality, for instance Primary and Secondary Care at Festivals, Marathons, etc., simply download the EFR Distinctive Specialty Template and use it to write your own course outline. This template makes writing your own course a very simple process for you. If any particular local government requirements apply in your country, make sure you accommodate for these in your instructor-authored course outline.

Once you have written your EFR Distinctive Speciality, complete the EFR Distinctive Specialty Instructor Application Form and email both documents to us for review.

Your Regional Training Consultant will work with you to answer any questions you have and provide feedback, should your outline need revision. Once you are both satisfied with the Distinctive Specialty, the course outline and the application will be submitted to a review panel for consideration.

It’s that simple. EFR Distinctive Specialities are an excellent opportunity to add something unique, that prospective clients need or want, to your business model and will support your business plans for your EFR business growth.

RECOGNISED FIRST AID TRAINING – in Australia / New Zealand

Most workplaces in Australia look for Nationally Recognised Training in CPR and first aid, which must be conducted through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). EFR Instructors in Australia with the additional credential called Cert IV TAE, can become a PADI RTO Trainer and deliver recognised first aid courses

In New Zealand, EFR courses are recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) when conducted at a Private Training Establishment (PTE) and competency was assessed as assessed as meeting OSH/NZQA unit standard 6400, 6401, 6402 (or 6400, 26551, 26522 or equivalent / most recent unit standards).

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