V-Insurance Policies Fully Endorsed by PADI & Approved for International Use

As a dive professional, having adequate insurance should be a top priority. In Rebecca Wastall’s PADI Quality Management Tips article, she notes: “In today’s changing world I don’t think we can ignore the importance of insurance. Make sure you are protected as a dive professional. We live in litigious times and comprehensive cover should be at the top of your agenda.”

Litigation is a global issue, and we have seen dive related lawsuits filed in many locations around the world, including countries where liability insurance is not compulsory.  We strongly recommend that you protect yourself, and do so with a specialist dive insurance policy that is valid worldwide, fully endorsed by PADI Asia Pacific and has been designed to include cover and benefits essential to every diver.

The V-Insurance combined liability insurance policy provides that worldwide coverage (including USA and Canada) and is accepted by PADI Asia Pacific, PADI EMEA and PADI Americas.

V-Insurance Group is the only insurance broker that PADI Asia Pacific endorse.  They provide a customised range of insurance policies for PADI Asia Pacific members (Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Divemasters and Retail & Resort Association Members) which include Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Legal Defence Costs, Crisis & Media Management and cover for Fines & Penalties. 

It is top level cover at a competitive price which offers true value and the right help when needed most.  In addition to the diving insurance essentials, ($10M Public & Products Liability, $10M Professional Indemnity), there are extra benefits included at no extra cost, such as cover for underwater scientific projects, film and media projects and liability for watercraft up to 15 metres in length.

Strong member support of the PADI Asia Pacific insurance program over the last 20 years has resulted in the availability of a policy at a competitive price that provides superior coverage and supports the PADI Risk Management initiatives. In the event of a serious incident or claim, the claims team behind our insurance program is the most experienced in the Asia Pacific region with over 20 years’ experience in the dive industry.  Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with access to local resources to give you the help you need, when it is needed most.

The 2018/2019 PADI Asia Pacific insurance program and online applications are now available at www.padiinsurance.com.au

Should you have any questions about your V-Insurance policy please feel free to contact customerservice.ap@padi.com or padi@vinsurancegroup.com

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