5 Ways to Make Your Exhibition a Success at a Dive Expo

Exhibiting at a dive trade show can be a beneficial investment for your business, however it is imperative that if you do decide to make the investment, you need to make it worthwhile.

Here are 5 ways to make your exhibit a success.

Develop an objective for the show. For example:

  • Build awareness for your brand.
  • Build a database to allow you to contact them after the show.
  • Sell your products and services at the show.

Attract people to your stand and build a crowd

  • Have great signage that makes an impact.
  • Have images or products positioned to get attendees to come in and have a closer look, allowing you to start a conversation.
  • Use a PA system to announce what you’re promoting at your booth.
  • Don’t just sit behind a desk, get out and actively engage with visitors or passers-by.

Have a call to action – a reason to sign up or purchase now

  • This could be a limited release product, such as ‘limited quantities’ or ‘limited style’ of product.
  • Put a time limit on the special so they have to choose right away (or in the next few weeks if you can get their contact details).

Create a database

  • Use this to contact attendees after the show with a reminder about your products and services. To obtain a large database people need a good reason to give you their contact details.
  • You could do this via a contest, for example: ‘Enter the draw and you could win’. After the show you could give out your major prizes then contact everyone else with the notification and another call to action. Ensure you have the legalities organised before running a contest through your business.


  • Have well briefed and quality staff on the stand. Make sure they know the products, services and are happy and smiling.

What else could you consider?

  • Can you collaborate with another operator to save on costs?
  • Are there one or more operators that you can work with that will complement your exhibit?
  • If possible, ask to position your exhibit in a busy area next to complementing services or large exhibits that will also attract large audiences.

Damian Jones
PADI Regional Manager

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