Five Reasons to Attend an Exhibition

Thinking about attending an exhibition outside of diving but don’t really know the benefits? There are many reasons attending exhibitions can help grow your business, but here are five fabulous reasons.

Don’t forget if you’re planning on attending an exhibition (or dive show) to let us know! This will ensure you gain maximum exposure plus, you can find out what support you may be eligible for including marketing collateral, promotional offers or even financial credit for attending!

So contact your PADI Regional Manager if you plan on leveraging your business at any exhibition or dive show.

  1. Connect with new consumers – Expos can provide PADI Dive Shops with a vast array of opportunities to meet and engage with potential new divers. Acquisition of new customers is fundamental for any business to thrive. An expo allows you to engage in person with hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers to compliment your online marketing efforts.
  2. Put your brand out there – It’s one thing to have a fantastic website and social pages, but getting out there and putting a face to your brand can be quite effective. Set up a booth that stands out amongst the rest. Being able to promote such an amazing experience as diving really lets you stand out. You could even offer prizes or small giveaways with your branding.
  3. Increase your sales – People who are attending expos are generally interested in the theme of the expo and are ready to buy. Lifestyle expos, sport expos, travel expos and career expos are just a few examples of events that can lead to sales. Attending an expo is a great direct marketing technique to grow your customer base.
  4. Networking & B2B Opportunities – Attending an expo is a great way to network with other business owners and managers from different industries such as travel, accommodation and transport. You are able to share and gain new ideas, expand your knowledge base and even explore new Business-to-Business (B2B) opportunities.
  5. Have fun! – Yes, expos can be quite fun for you and your staff! Nothing gives your business and staff more of a competitive edge than positive energy! Plus, it’s always great to have fun when you’re working to grow your business.

Importantly, remember to contact your PADI Regional Manager if you plan on joining an expo or dive show as there are a range of support and benefits that PADI offers.

Dive shows PADI is exhibiting at or attending with staff.

Dive Expo/Dive Show Date Location
ISPO Shanghai 6-8 July 2017 Shanghai, China
Diving Resort Travel Expo (DRT) Beijing 7-9 July 2017 Beijing, China
Australian International Dive Expo 3-7 August 2017 Sydney, Australia
Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) China 31 August – 3 September 2017 Beijing, China
Diving Resort Travel Expo (DRT) Philippines 8-10 September 2017 Manila, Philippines
Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) Shenzhen 8-10 September 2017 Shenzhen, China
Diving Resort Travel Expo (DRT) Hong Kong 15-17 December 2017 Hong Kong

PADI Instructor Examinations for June, 2017

Congratulations to the many new PADI Instructors who completed their PADI Instructor Examinations in June.

01 June  |  Pondicherry, India


03 June  |  Cairns, Australia


03 June  |  Dumaguete, Philippines


06 June  |  Gold Coast, Australia

IE close.JPG

07 June  | Malapascua, Malaysia


09 June  |  Bohol, Philippines


10 June  |  Singapore


14 June  |  Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gilie IE photo 1.jpg

14 June  |  Perhentian Island, Malaysia


17 June  |  Bali, Indonesia


17 June  |  Tioman Island, Malaysia


19 June  |  Lembongan, Indonesia


21 June  |  Semporna, Malaysia


24 June  |  Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


June 24  |  Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island 24 June 2017.jpg

Pro-Level Continuing Education

Guest Post Written by John Kinsella

It’s at the very heart of the PADI System and instinctively you know it’s important. You make a point of letting all the divers you work with know about continuing education: Open Water Diver is just the beginning, Advanced Open Water Diver is not for advanced divers, it’s to advance divers, Rescue Diver is the obvious next step and so on. Promoting diver level continuing education is second nature for dive pros. But do you practice what you preach? Professional-level continuing education is, if anything, even more important. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Continuing education benefits both dive businesses and dive pros. Businesses thrive on highly skilled, specialized and cross functional staff who have the skills to perform a variety of duties and teach a broad range of courses. Dive pros with those skills position themselves well for promotions and equip themselves to compete effectively in the job market. Simply put, they’ll get better jobs and their employer will have a more valuable employees.


  2. Perhaps an even greater benefit for dive professionals is that continuing education encourages finding and using the best tools and techniques available at any given time, and to realize that these tools and techniques will change over time. This attitude is increasingly important in the face of consistent technological advances and increased competition for jobs. Crucially, it helps dive businesses stay relevant to emerging markets that expect, and demand, technologically savvy instructors.
  3. Another continuing education benefit may be more abstract, but is no less important: It’s a powerful way for dive pros to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge and to improve their problem-solving skills. This is an essential arrow in every dive professional’s quiver. Things change, issues crop up, but the well educated and well prepared PADI Pro is equipped to avoid or solve problems before they become something worse.
  4. Finally, it’s just fun. There is no better cure for a mild dose of the “same old same old” than an immersive experience in something new and exciting. Nothing benefits a dive business more than a refreshed dive pro.

Register Now for PADI Training Bulletin Live Webinars


Please join us for one of these live, interactive presentations of the PADI Training Bulletin, Third Quarter 2017 Edition. Additionally, Training Bulletin Live Webinar dates have been set for the remainder of 2017 so feel free to sign up in advance for 4Q17 too. During these FREE presentations you will have explained the latest standard changes, plus you can test your knowledge with a series of fun and interactive poll questions.

Training Bulletin LIVE – 3Q17

English  |  19 July 2017, 6pm AEST (UTC+11)
Korean  |  25 July 2017, 2pm KST (UTC+9)
Chinese  |  26 July 2017, 5pm CST (UTC+8)

What do you need to do before the event?

First of all make sure you are registered by clicking the relevant link above. The above listed starting times are in the presenters’ local time zones – to ensure you don’t miss out, please verify the equivalent in your own time zone.

On the day all you will need is a computer/tablet or notebook connected to the internet and a set of speakers or headphones to listen in. Login early to ensure your system is functioning properly.

For more information about using the GoToMeeting software reference the GoToMeeting Attendee Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

You can download the latest PADI Training Bulletin by logging into the PADI Pros’ Site and then clicking on ‘Training Essentials’ and ‘Training Bulletins’. It is useful to have a copy for your immediate reference when you are listening to webinar. Under this heading you will also find recordings on previous webinars and registration links to future events.

Seminar Credits

If you sign up and attend this webinar plus another two PADI Asia Pacific LIVE webinars within a 12-month period, you will receive one seminar credit, which can count towards a future PADI Master Instructor or Course Director Application. To receive a seminar credit for having attended three live webinars, or for having watched three recordings of webinars, please submit either the webinar confirmation email or write a brief synopsis about what was presented during the webinar then submit these documents together with your Master Instructor or Course Director Training Course application.

We look forward to seeing you online!

2017 PADI Women’s Dive Day Global Video Contest


Hosting a PADI Women’s Dive Day event this July 15? Share a video of your PADI Women’s Dive Day event with us and be entered to win a FREE 2018 PADI Membership Renewal.

The PADI Marketing Team is looking for amazing video footage showcasing the spirit of Women’s Dive Day for inclusion in the 2018 event promotional video.

The contest is open to PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Individual Members worldwide who are hosting a 2017 PADI Women’s Dive Day event.

How to Enter

  1. First things first! If you haven’t already, be sure to register your PADI Women’s Dive Day event. Learn more here.
  2. Grab your underwater camera and take video throughout your event. Whether your event is training in the pool, diving a lake or exploring the open ocean, show how you and your divers are celebrating the spirit and comradery of Women’s Dive Day. A few things to keep in mind:
    • While the primary objective is to promote women in diving, the footage can certainly show all participants regardless of age or gender. After all, the foundation of Women’s Dive Day is to reinforce the understanding that diving is open and enjoyable to everyone.
    • PADI standards should be adhered to and reflected in the footage.
    • Footage that shows any touching or damaging of marine life will not be considered.
    • Be sure to get signed releases from people that are shown in your video footage and photos. Download a sample release here.
  3. Edit your video so that it is between two and five minutes in length. Video should be a minimum 1080p.
  4. Submit your entry to, including entrant’s name, PADI Member/Store Number and contact information. Videos must be sent using a file sharing service such as We Transfer or Dropbox. High resolution photos (minimum 1000 pixels) and/or event description and quotes are welcomed, but a video must be submitted to be considered for the prize.
  5. Check your email to see if your video was selected as one of the winners. If so, you will receive one-year 2018 Membership Renewal free and a set of goodie bags for your 2018 Women’s Dive Day event.

Click here to see Official Rules

For inspiration, watch the 2017 PADI Women’s Dive Day video:

Thank you for taking part in PADI Women’s Dive Day 2017 and the Global Video Contest! For more information about PADI Women’s Dive Day, visit

First Ever PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course in Asia Pacific

Most people that will try freediving for the first time will be immediately hooked.

Freediving not only allows you to discover the underwater world without much equipment and only on a single breath, but it will deepen your understanding of physics and physiology that will eventually allow you to extend your personal limits in a gentle manner.

To help train future instructors that can teach the sport of freediving to a rapidly growing market, PADI Asia Pacific conducted its first ever PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course in Cebu, Philippines. This international program brought together 14 candidates from 7 different countries and was translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Due to consistent PADI training standards worldwide that differ only in style, technique and application, the Freediver Instructor Trainer Course is a fantastic networking opportunity to gain insight into how standards are adapted and applied internationally. One primary benefit of a multi-national program is the opportunity it creates for the candidates and staff to establish business relationships and exchange ideas. The participants, experienced PADI Master Freediver Instructors, were selected from a number of applicants. The Freediver Instructor Trainer Course focused on PADI philosophy, instructor candidate counselling, instructor-level presentations and evaluation as well as marketing for instructor development programs.

Interested in becoming the PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer?

This was the first, but it certainly won’t be the last – PADI Asia Pacific will run these PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer courses from time to time. To apply, candidates will need to be renewed and in teaching status as a PADI Master Freediver Instructor, certified as an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer and have experience teaching all PADI Freediver program levels beyond those required for the PADI Master Freediver Instructor level.

In addition, applicants will need to have experience staffing PADI Freediver Instructor training courses and not have had any verified Quality Management complaints in the last 12 month prior to the course date.

For further information about the Freediver Instructor Trainer Course, its prerequisites, requirements and future programs, please contact your Regional Headquarters.

PADI Joins Forces with Mission Blue to Help Protect the World’s Ocean

PADI® and Mission Blue™ have forged a formal partnership to help increase the level of protection of our world’s ocean. Led by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean. At the heart of this effort is a global campaign to build public support for the protection of Hope Spots — special places that are vital to the health of the ocean.

Hope Spots are about recognising, empowering and supporting individuals and communities around the world in their efforts to protect the ocean. By activating its global network of divers and dive professionals, the PADI family will further bring attention to marine areas in a worldwide network targeted for enhanced protection.

“Mission Blue is thrilled to partner with PADI to bring awareness to divers around the world about the value of Hope Spots,” says Laura Cassiani, Executive Director of Mission Blue. “Divers are an important voice in the global coalition for greater marine conservation because they know first-hand the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystems. We believe deeply that this exciting new collaboration between PADI and Mission Blue will ignite broad support for further ocean conservation around the world. Onward and downward!”

In November 2016, PADI announced our Four Pillars of Change social and environmental responsibility program. Devised to elevate the PADI mission to be best in and for the world, the Four Pillars will help connect the PADI community to the ocean causes they care about. Program efforts will be focused on building awareness of important issues affecting ocean health, strengthening dive communities and dive infrastructure, and forming global alliances that will engage and mobilize PADI Dive Centres, Resorts, dive professionals, and divers to be a global force for good.

“Connecting PADI Divers and Members with the Hope Spots program provides them with actionable opportunities to have a lasting impact on the future of our blue planet,” says Drew Richardson, President and CEO of PADI Worldwide. “Through our partnership, PADI and Mission Blue hope to educate divers and ignite support for Hope Spots with the long-term goal of formally protecting more areas of our world’s ocean.”

PADI will showcase a different Hope Spot each month, such as the Coral Triangle and the Saanich Inlet, to give divers a deeper insight into these vital ecosystems and the need to safeguard them as protected areas. In the coming months, PADI Divers will learn more about some of the best Hope Spots for diving and have an opportunity to nominate new Hope Spots.

If governments, civilian organisations and communities work together to formally protect Hope Spots, these special marine environments can form the seeds of tomorrow’s healthy ocean. Currently, only 5% of the world’s oceans are protected. By joining forces, the goal set forth by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress to protect 30 percent of our world’s oceans by 2030 is reachable.