PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course

PADI is pleased to announce its PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course, scheduled from 29 May 2017 – 2 June 2017 in Cebu, Philippines.

The course will help current PADI Master Freediver Instructors transition to PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer, which involves broadening instructional and mentoring skills, plus expanding communication abilities.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity download the PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer Course Fact Sheet. This will give you an idea of the requirements and procedures involved and will help answer any logistical questions you may have.

For more information please contact your PADI Regional Manager or Regional Training Consultant.

PADI Instructor Examinations for March, 2017

Congratulations to the many new PADI Instructors who completed their PADI Instructor Examinations in March, 2017!

1 – 3 | Gili Islands, Indonesia

2 – 3 | Bangkok, Thailand

4 – 6 | Bali, Indonesia

7 – 9 | Havelock Island, Andamans India

10 – 12 | Kenting, Taiwan

12 – 14 | Koh Chang, Thailand

15 – 17 | Koh Lanta, Thailand

15 – 17 | Pattaya, Thailand

17 – 19 | Dumaguete, Philippines

18 – 20 | Phuket, Thailand

18 – 20 | Sydney, Australia

20 – 22 | Cebu, Philippines

21 – 23 | Koh Tao, Thailand

25 – 27 | Phu Quoc, Vietnam

31 – 2 April | Nha Trang, Vietnam

Family Travel is Good Business

Written by John Kinsella.

Provide the experience and your business will thrive.

According to a survey conducted by the prestigious McKinsey Global Institute research firm, more than 70 percent of PADI® Divers are married and nearly half have kids. That’s a serious number of families, and speaking as a family man I can assure you there is nothing these families like more than to have fun with their kids. Ask almost any family diver and you’ll find that one thing they really love to do with their kids is travel and (again from the McKinsey survey), with a median income of $100,000 to $150,000 US, PADI Divers have the resources to make it happen.

The length to which some of these dive families will go is extraordinary. Take PADI Diver Rainer Jenss and his family as an example. When his sons were eight and 11, he and his wife sold their house, put their careers on hold, took the kids out of school and went on a world tour visiting 29 countries. On their return, Jenss was asked to speak about the family’s experience at a travel expo, where PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Margo Peyton pointed out that kids as young as 10 could become certified divers.

You could almost hear the screech of brakes as Jenss stopped in his tracks, grabbed his wife and kids and hopped on a plane to Palau. I could go on, but why not take a few minutes and see for yourself? Here’s an excellent motivational video about the Jenss’s story.

While you’re at it, it would be a mistake not to take a look at the story of aforementioned PADI AmbassaDiver Margo Peyton. Peyton is the founder and president of Kids Sea Camp and, as you’ll agree after you’ve had a chance to watch the video, saying she’s passionate about kids, diving and travel is putting it mildly. “I feel like diving and travel is a natural educational process for children,” she says. “Traveling around the world and scuba diving with my kids, being able to show them other cultures, other destinations, marine life and oceans, has given them independence, made them worldly and confident.” Through Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures, Peyton provides places where families can go and dive together, “Giving them a week that they’ll remember forever.”

That’s really what it’s all about: the experience. Fortunately, this is one area in which PADI Dive Centres and Resorts are perfectly positioned. Statistics and stories like these make it clear that if your dive business isn’t catering to traveling families, it’s missing out on a major chunk of potential business.

Congratulations to Jane Bowman: Industry Recognition Award 2017 Recipient

There are many ways to describe Jane Bowman; Explorer, cave diver, PADI Course Director, pioneer for women in diving, and now, winner of the Industry Recognition Award too.

The award, announced at the OzTeK Gala Dinner in Sydney last month, acknowledges Jane’s far-reaching impact on the diving community.

Jane, of Ocean Divers in Australia,  first fell in love with the underwater world over 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped exploring it since. In this time, she’s managed to get more than 8,000 dives under her (weight) belt – 2,000 of which have been in caves. From Australia to Florida, Mexico, and Vanuatu, Jane has explored parts of the world that others simply dream of.

This award is not the first time that Jane has been recognised as a leader of the diving community. In 2010, Jane was selected to be a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, a non-profit organisation whose members are the most accomplished and renowned women divers in the world. She was only the second Australian woman to be selected for this since its inception.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jane was also the first female Standards Director for the Cave Divers Association of Australia.

With experience like this, it’s not hard to see why Jane was selected to join the likes of Dr Simon Mitchell, Jayne Jenkins and Richard Evans as a recipient of the Industry Recognition Award.

Congratulations Jane, not only for this incredible award, but for your monumental contribution to the diving community as well.