My PADI Club Benefits for PADI Members

11 Jan


In the last edition of Surface Interval, you read about the new My PADI Club coming in 2017 and how it offers tools, expert advice and a community of like-minded divers to make it easier for people to explore, learn, and share their passion for diving.

But, My PADI Club is also packed with benefits for PADI Members. Here are just a few:

  • Earn Commissions for every new diver you enroll in My PADI Club.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships by following customer journeys and staying connected as they use tools like the Dive Logbook, Buddy Finder and Go Dive! Alerts.
  • Extensive Discounts offered to My PADI Club divers make it easier for you to sell more gear, book more repair and maintenance, and complete more certifications.
  • Free Promotion by using the My PADI Club platform to promote events, find new customers and drive more business through your door.
  • Personalized Go Dive! Alerts let you know when it’s time to get in the water so you never miss an opportunity to share a great dive with your customers.
  • Free Unlimited Access to the My PADI Club platform as part of your PADI membership.

Stay tuned to hear more about My PADI Club.

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