10 Ways to Keep Your Dive Centre Busy During Winter


Those cold winter months or the weeks it’s too rough to get out always lead to a decrease in certifications which then lead to a decrease in sales. Here are 10 ways to spark a bit of interest with your customers, keeping them busy and active throughout the period.

  1. Run a pool session with some ‘New and Exciting Equipment’. Bring along some equipment that is unusual or that your members might not have tried before.
  • Diver ropulsion Vehicles
  • A Camera and lights set-up
  • Bubble guns or toys for the kids
  • Demo a Rebreather
  • Side mount set-ups
  • Twin tank set-ups
  • Full Face Masks and communication systems
  • The latest model masks and fins

You’ll be surprised at how this can lead to additional sales. More PADI Specialty Diver training and is a heap of fun! If you don’t have one or all of the above equipment, call up your favourite equipment supplier, I’m sure they’ll help.

  1. Conduct talks from interesting speakers like local environmental groups, travel agents with a report on a new dive location or equipment suppliers with new products to show. This will give your customers a reason to come and see you and potentially create some excitement to keep them diving.
  2. Go and visit your local aquarium/dive with the sharks. If it’s too cold to dive in the local area, set-up a group trip to dive in a local aquarium. Run an Project AWARE Fish Id Specialty course while you’re there.
  3. Guide a dive trip to a warmer area. This does require some pre-planning, however there is nothing better than organising group travel to somewhere warm and tropical to keep your customers diving. Why not teach some PADI Specialty Diver courses while you’re away.
  4. Teach your locals Emergency First Response and PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider. Non diving PADI courses are perfect for the bad weather. Potential students could be, new mums and families, your local school and community groups, students in preparation for a PADI Rescue Diver Course and any other divers that would like to look after their mates in an emergency.
  5. Set-up a Project AWARE Dive Against Debris or a clean-up day, in or out of the water. If it’s too cold or too rough to get in, clean up the beach or surrounding area. Register with Project AWARE and gain some additional marketing material to promote your brand. Consider Project AWARE’s Adopt A Dive Site and provide regular updates on its condition.
  6. Offer PADI Specialty Diver courses to the more experienced divers. The divers that already have 7mm or Drysuits are more likely to keep diving if you give them something to do. Teach them a PADI Deep Diver, PADI Enriched Air Diver, PADI Sidemount Diver and and PADI TecRec courses.
  7. Collaborate with your favourite equipment supplier to run a ‘Drysuit Demo Day’ and turn people into all year round divers. This can be done in the comfort of your local pool or in the Ocean. You can sell Drysuits, PADI Drysuit Specialty Diver courses and keep the group diving.
  8. Put on a Movie night (probably not ‘Jaws’) in store. Find an old classic or a new diving related movie for the Members to sit down and watch and get together.
  9. Book a local pool and have a competition. Grab some stop watches and some air integrated dives computer and have a race over 200m. See who can swim the fastest in full scuba gear using the least amount of air. This is also a great way to prove the efficiency of some of the new styles of fin and to encourage your members to upgrade.

These 10 tips won’t change the world however will keep your members in contact with you and your staff when it’s too cold to go diving.

Written by PADI Regional Manager for Australia (Exc. Queensland), Damian Jones.

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