“PADI Learn to Scuba Dive” YouTube Video Reaches 1 Million Views

We all know how learning to scuba dive can change lives. It’s no myth; we’ve all seen it happen or experienced it ourselves!

In its 50 year history, PADI has been the industry leader for a long time. We don’t just teach scuba better than anybody else, our heavy emphasis on total industry growth enables us all to do better together. It is through the excellent training and marketing campaigns that we are, The Way the World Learns to Dive®.

We’re excited to see the PADI Learn to Scuba Dive video reach 1 Million views on YouTube, a milestone for the dive training industry. There’s no doubt many new divers have been informed and inspired by this video.



PADI has a range of scuba diving course videos available on YouTube, able to be used and embedded by PADI Members to market their courses. These can also be found on the PADI Pros’ Site for download.

Thank you for all your efforts in teaching the world to scuba dive.

7 Days a Week Sales & Training Support at PADI Asia Pacific


In the diving industry we see transformations every day. People’s plans, dreams and lives can change instantly once they take their first breaths underwater.

PADI is transforming in many ways too. One of which is most recent for PADI Asia Pacific Members is the 7 day customer service offered in Sales, Training and Tech support.

You can email training-sales@padi.com.au 7 days a week to receive Training & Sales assistance.

Or, you can email techsupport@padi.com.au 7 days a week to receive Tech support.

Along with this, you can order PADI materials online via the Online Shopping Cart, 24 hours 7 days a week which means you don’t have to wait for the PADI Asia Pacific office to reopen on Monday to submit your order.

PADI Asia Pacific is the first PADI Office worldwide to offer this level of support to its Members, as we know that your hard work in teaching the world to dive can at times require out of “business hours” support from us.

Remember, you can always contact your PADI Regional Manager for any urgent assistance.

PADI Women’s Dive Day is Here!

PADI Women's Dive Day 2016
PADI Women’s Dive Day is here! With over 600 Women’s Dive Day events currently registered in 70 countries, tomorrow is surely a day to be remembered.

If you are hosting a PADI Women’s Dive Day event and are yet to register it online, please click here to register your event now.

The Huffington Post has commented that PADI Women’s Dive Day is “a way for us to come together” as well as “grow a community and create a better sense of unity”.  We hope that your events are successful in encouraging more women to become involved in exploring the underwater world as well as bringing together and acknowledging all your incredible dive buddies.

Thank you to everyone who has planned a Women’s Dive Day event. This day would not be possible without the effort that PADI Dive Centres have put in. We hope that you have a successful day and please don’t forget to share the photos of your day with us using the hashtag #PADIWomen

I know that we are looking forward to getting in the water tomorrow and celebrating all the achievements and contributions that women have made to SCUBA diving, and we hope that you are too!

If you have any questions in regards to PADI Women’s Dive Day please let us know.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Forms

PADI LogoAn important PADI administrative procedure includes having each student diver review, complete and sign the PADI Medical Statement (RSTC Medical form).

A “yes” response on the PADI Medical Statement’s “Divers Medical Questionnaire” section requires written clearance to dive from a physician as a prerequisite to in-water activities.

We would like to make aware that a clearance to dive signed by a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine does not meet this requirement as he or she has not had sufficient medical training to properly assess whether a student is fit to dive.

Should you have any additional questions about this, or the PADI Medical Statement please contact training-sales@padi.com.au.

PADI Instructor Examinations for June, 2016

06-07 – Semporna, Malaysia


09-10 – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


11-12 – Cairns, Australia


11-12 – Pondicherry, India


12-13 – Perhentian Island, Malaysia


15-16 – Tioman, Malaysia


15-16 – Gili Islands, Indonesia


18-19 – Phuket, Thailand


18-19 – Bali, Indonesia


21-22 – Koh Tao, Thailand 


27-28 – Nha Trang, Vietnam