Perth Scuba on a Mission to Protect Our Dive Sites


On Sunday 19th June, Perth Scuba’s very own Manta Club embarked on a mission to protect one of their local Dive Sites, Ammuntion (Ammo) Jetty.

Inspired by Project AWARE’s Adopt a Dive Site campaign, the club have ‘adopted,’ Ammo Jetty to ensure it’s protection for future divers.

The campaign encourages dive centres around the world to conduct ongoing local monitoring to protect their favourite underwater playgrounds. Dive Centres or Dive Clubs that Adopt a Dive Site conduct regular surveys of marine debris and submit the data they collect so it can be used to increase debris removal efforts and shape policy changes.

Manta Club kicked off their dive with a hearty BBQ and hopes that the meteorologists who predicted 70% chance of rain would be wrong. Under the water they were surprised to find no fishing chairs, but still the usual suspects remained – bricks, old bait and fishing line and of course a few beer bottles.

Thanks everyone at Perth Scuba and all members of Manta Club, who’ve committed to protecting Ammo Jetty and good luck on your mission to Dive Against Debris.

If you’d like to Adopt a Dive Site, visit the Project AWARE website.

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