PADI Asia Pacific Training Bulletin Live Webinars – 1Q 2016

PADI Training Bulletin Live
Please join us for live, interactive presentations of the PADI Training Bulletin, First Quarter 2016 Edition. During this live presentation you will get to see the latest standards changes plus you can test your knowledge with a series of fun and interactive poll questions.

Training Bulletin LIVE – 1Q16  English 2 February 2016 6pm AEST (UTC+11)  REGISTER
Training Bulletin LIVE – 1Q16 한국어 Korean 4 February 2016 2pm KST (UTC+9)  REGISTER
Training Bulletin LIVE – 1Q16中文 Chinese 5 February 2016 5pm CST (UTC+8)  REGISTER
Training Bulletin LIVE – 1Q16日本語 Japanese 18 February 2016 7pm JST (UTC+9)  REGISTER

What do you need to do before the event?

First of all make sure you are registered by clicking the relevant link above. The above listed starting times are in the local time zones.

On the day all you will need is a computer/tablet or notebook connected to the internet and a set of speakers or headphones to listen in. Login early to ensure your system is functioning properly.

For more information about using the GoToMeeting software reference the GoToMeeting Attendee Quick Reference Guide (PDF) found here.

You can download the latest PADI Training Bulletin by logging into the PADI Pros’ Site and then clicking on ‘Training Essentials’ and ‘Training Bulletins’. It is useful to have a copy you can read when you are listening to webinar so you can refer to it. Under this heading you will also find recordings on previous webinars and registration links to future events.

Seminar Credits

If you sign up and attend this webinar plus another two PADI Asia Pacific LIVE webinars within a 12-month period, you will receive a seminar credit, which can count towards a future PADI Master Instructor or Course Director Application. To receive one seminar credit for having attended three live webinars or for having watched three recordings of webinars, please submit either the webinar confirmation email or write a brief synopsis about what you have gained from the webinar and submit these documents together with your Master Instructor or Course Director Training Course application.

All from the comfort of your own home or dive centre and it is FREE!

We look forward to seeing you online!

Dive Community Mourns the Passing of Jack Lavanchy

Jack Lavanchy, cofounder and President Emeritus of PADI Europe, passed away 27 January at age 87. One of the forerunners and pioneers of the European dive community, with Jürg Beeli, Lavanchy was a primary force behind PADI’s double-digit growth in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s.

JackLvncy.jpgA native of Switzerland, Lavanchy’s interest in diving began when he saw people skin diving off of Cannes, France, in 1947. He completed his first scuba course in 1952 and was active with Glaukos, Switzerland’s oldest dive club, serving as vice-president, president, secretary and delegate to the Swiss Diving Federation. Lavanchy become an instructor in the early 1960s, and inspired by seeing Cousteau’s The Silent World, became Switzerland’s exclusive agent for the Spirotechnique scuba gear line in 1965, and Germany’s in 1968.

In 1978, Lavanchy visited PADI in the United States and returned to Switzerland and his business partner Jürg Beeli with PADI training materials. Recognizing the potential for PADI to improve diver training and promote industry growth in Europe, he and Beeli founded PADI European Services in 1983, followed by founding the PADI European College in 1984. In 1988, PADI European Services transitioned into PADI Europe, which was one of the forerunners of today’s PADI EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

Lavanchy served as PADI Europe’s CEO and president in the 1980s and 1990s. Under his leadership, PADI experienced double-digit growth and grew into the region’s leading and largest diver training organization. In 1996, Lavanchy launched the Project AWARE Foundation in Europe, establishing a new growth base and diver participation for the organization’s marine preservation initiatives. Over his career, Lavanchy received numerous honors and titles, including:

  • Historical Diving Society Advisory Board
  • International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame
  • Tauchen Lifetime Achievement Award
  • European Underwater Federation Honorary Vice President

The PADI family joins our industry colleagues around the world in mourning Jack’s passing and extend our condolences and sympathies to his family. His contributions will be missed, but Jack himself will be missed the most.

One Turtle at a time

Tranq3Visiting PADI members together with Sheridan Hatcher from Marketing is always full on going from dive center to dive center. Our main goal during these visits is to improve our 5 Star members online/social media/web exposure and any other ways we can assist our members. In Vanuatu to some extent these members are still dealing with the aftermath of the cyclone that hit Port Villa almost one year ago. However, sometimes on these marketing/P5M trips we run into something that is unexpected. On our visit to Tranquillity Island, a PADI 5 Star Dive Center the dive shop managers, Toby and Erica asked us if we wanted to see the Turtle Sanctuary that is based on the island.

Tranquillity Island Resort, with a lot of effort by its owner, Owen Drew, for the last ten years or so has proudly run a voluntary Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Program, based right at the resort. They have upwards of 300 juvenile turtles that are raised from hatchlings until they reach 1 year old, before they tag and release them into the ocean.  To date they released over 1200 healthy Hawksbills!  The project works with The South Pacific Environmental Program (SPREP) and the Vanuatu government but is voluntary and apart from looking after the turtles, Tranquility  runs an ongoing public awareness program. The tagging has so far shown that some of the turtles have migrated to Fiji, North of Vanuatu and the East coast of Australia. SPREP  maintains a data base for the tagging of all turtles in the Pacific Islands

Hawksbill Turtles are considered critically endangered, meaning the species faces a very high risk of total extinction. The first year of their lives is the most perilous, many get snatched by hungry predators before even tasting the ocean. Humans, however, are the greatest threat. Plastic waste chocking our oceans; unsustainable fishing methods; propeller-damage from speedboats, jet skis  and other vessels are amongst the key killers of sea turtles. Not only are they considered the most endangered species of turtle, Hawksbills rank as the 4th most endangered species on the planet according to the WWF, behind the Amur Leopard, the Black Rhino, and the Cross-River Gorilla.

What a great project run by a team that know their stuff too. Pretty much all of our PADI members contribute something to the environment and that is something to be very proud of. Over the past two decades of underwater conservation we’ve learned that divers are true leaders in ocean protection. We’re ocean heroes numbering in the millions across the globe. We believe together our actions will make a huge impact and will help to rescue the ocean. Weather you take fishing line out of the ocean during your dives, take some trash off the beach or volunteer at a turtle sanctuary as divers we care about our environment and protect our ocean planet – one dive at the time.

Hans Ullrich, PADI Regional Manager








Instructor Examinations

Congratulations to all the new PADI Instructors from December 2015.

Below are some photos from the PADI Instructor Examinations held throughout Asia Pacific.

port blair

02-03 December – Port Blair, Andaman Islands


 02-03 December – Moalboal, Philippines


04-05 December – Semporna, Malaysia

05-06 Boracay, Philippines

05-06 December – Boracay, Philippines

05-06 Phuket, Thailand

05-06 December – Phuket, Thailand


05-06 December – Sanya, China


05-06 December – Cairns, Australia


05-06 December – Perth, Australia

koh tao

08-09 December – Koh Tao, Thailand

08-09 Puerto Galera, Philippines

08-09 December – Puerto Galera, Philippines

11-12 Dumaguete, Philippines

11-12 December – Dumaguete, Philippines


12-13 December – Bali, Indonesia


13-14 December – Manado, Indonesia

14-15 Malapascua, Philippines

14-15 December – Malapascua, Philippines


19-20 December – Singapore

Want to take an Instructor Exam? View the 2016 PADI Instructor Examination listing
More IE photos will continue to be published.

Retain Divers with PADI ReActivate™

Open Water 2013

Did you know that it generally costs 5 times as much to attract new customers than it does to retain them? Shouldn’t one of the first rules in business be to keep your loyal customers coming back to your business in order to avoid these costs? This might seem like common sense, but it might surprise you that studies have shown small business owners spend less than 20% of their time focusing on customer retention.

PADI has created a great product alongside an incredible program to get YOUR divers back into YOUR shop. PADI ReActivate lets certified divers who have been inactive, refresh their knowledge of diving, before visiting you to refresh their skills. It supports a prescriptive approach to learning, allows diver to get in the water quicker with you, and provides each participant with a truly superior educational product. The program also includes a new PADI certification card, to benefit all those who have lost their original during their hiatus from diving.

Early in 2016, make sure you prioritise communicating with your database of divers. You already know they enjoyed diving in the past and I’m sure they were thrilled with the services you provided them.  More importantly, the large majority have said they intended to dive again but somehow “life just got in the way”. Provide them the opportunity to ReActivate.

Contact to purchase ReActivate codes and remember to set up your Dive Centre affiliation links within your online communication. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the PADI Regional Manager in your area.

PADI Tech Support available on Weekends


PADI Tech Support is now available to answer questions about PADI digital products from PADI Members and students on Saturdays and Sundays.

During these hours, please send any email enquiries you receive to or phone enquiries to +61 2 9454 2862.

Please note the preferred method of communication is by email whenever possible. This service is provided to assist PADI Members in Asia Pacific.

Congratulations to PADI Members in Asia Pacific

PADI Asia Pacific is pleased to congratulate PADI Members who in 2015, certified more PADI Divers in the Asia Pacific region than any year in PADI’s 50 year history.

The great result in 2015 builds on previous record years set every year since 2010 and shows that PADI Members are going from strength to strength in today’s dive industry.

Danny Dwyer, Vice President at PADI Asia Pacific said; “This is a great achievement and we congratulate all PADI Members in Asia Pacific who have once again achieved another record year for PADI certifications, the 6th year in succession. We thank PADI Members commitment to following standards and providing high quality and fun PADI courses to ensure students received the very best in diver training.”

Earlier in 2015, Drew Richardson, PADI President and CEO, also shared his passion for diving and talked about the important role of PADI Professionals, and the PADI Divers they teach, as underwater ambassadors and custodians of our ocean planet. Please click the image below to view.


As PADI continues its growth and progression within the industry, we look forward to working alongside PADI Members in 2016 and building on the PADI Value Proposition for PADI Members.

As you may know, PADI is also be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016. Over the past 50 years PADI Members have provided invaluable contributions to the aquatic realm, the dive industry and the PADI organization. As a PADI Member this milestone is your achievement – you truly are The Way the World Learns to Dive®.

Congratulations again to PADI Members in Asia Pacific!