Oceania’s first PADI Freediver™ Training programme

PADI recently held their PADI Freediving™ Launch in the Sydney office.

Day one saw 3 Instructors and several PADI staff attend the PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation. We welcomed Adam Stern, Marlon Quinn and Clinton Laurence and look forward to having them onboard and running the PADI Freediver programmes.

PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation

Day 2 was the start of the PADI Freediver course and saw us starting in the classroom. Having already completed our PADI Freediving Touch, which includes the knowledge review and exam, it was as simple as completing paperwork and our quick review. Adam (our Instructor) then took us through some Freediving Equipment and we began some breathing exercise, learning how to prepare for breath hold.

Classroom session

Learning about Freediving equipment
After our classroom session we headed to the pool for our Confined Water session. We practiced 2 disciplines – Static Apnea (breathhold whist floating stationary on the surface) and Dynamic Apnea (breathhold whilst swimming horizontal). Everyone met the performance requirement, some doing so with ease whilst others needing a little assistance and encouragement from Adam who did an amazing job passing on his wealth of knowledge.
Static Apnea training Static Apnea training Static Apnea training DSC05155

Day 2 saw us head off to Open Water for our 2 sessions. Here we practiced Free Immersion -(pulling down the line), Constant Weight (freediving down and up the line), duck diving, buddying up as a safety diver and finally performing freediving rescues.

About to start OW Session 1

Session 2 completed!
Session 2 completed!
PADI Freediving Students
PADI Freediving Students

PADI Regional Managers Jen Clent, Ian Cumming, Hans Ullrich and students Denzel, Mitch and Miah all had such positive things to say about the course materials, training and our amazing Instructor!

Here is what student Mitch had to say:

“I had so much fun during the course. Realising Freediving is so much more than holding your breath and diving for as long as you can. I learnt so much more than I thought I would, about techniques and relaxation, aswell as the physiological changes your body undergoes as it adapts to depth. It was interesting to see how much a psychological boost can effect your breath hold and depth with each attempt. It was so amazing how quickly everyone on the course improved, by following the techniques we had been taught in as little as 2 days!

Our instructor, Adam was so knowledgable and very good at relaxing each individual before each dive. He made sure everyone did their best, but made sure it was more about enjoying the dive than reaching a specific goal.

I feel Freediving has now become more of an addictive hobby for me, and am super keen to train more over the next couple of months so I can complete my PADI Avanced Freediving course”.

If you would like further information about teaching PADI Freediving or becoming a PADI Freediver check out PADI.com and listen to the recently recorded webinar or contact your PADI Regional Manager.

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