Would you like to grow your diver training business?

Right now we have a relatively untapped market of Chinese students in Australia that are both willing and able to learn to dive, but the question is, are you ready to teach them?

From my experience I’d think maybe not, would this be because you don’t have an Instructor who speaks their language either because you’re avoiding the hassle of employing one as it’s a new frontier or you can’t find one or you didn’t think you had the resources to reach out to this growing market.
In my experience tapping into a market requires a strategy of getting a number of things in place before embarking on the advertising and promotion of courses for a specific group. What’s required to take advantage of this opportunity and how do you go about getting yourself in a position to start teaching. Clearly you’ll need an Instructor who understands your business direction, your dive shop culture and what works best for the students they will teach.

The Instructor needs to be able to work in with your operation and staff and more importantly they’ll need to compliment and add value to your business. As you well know the best people to help within your business are those who you have trained yourself, that way they have a better understanding of how you and your operation works and as a result they will fit in more easily.

Where do you find this person? More than likely they are already on your customer database, they are a friend of your dive crew, they are walking by your store or reading your promotion but you’ve not engaged them in their own language. Well the good news is that PADI can help you here in so many ways! Over the past ten years we have been working to embrace this emerging market and as a result here at PADI Asia Pacific we have staff fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese who can assist you every step of the way. We’ve got you covered for advertising to the Chinese community, we’ve got you covered in Training and Quality Assurance and we’ve got the Customer Service team who can assist you with all your questions through our Sales, Certifications and Membership departments.

We have staff dedicated to assist with the Chinese market and we can design brochures, posters, signage and even the wording for website pages that will help you attract those Chinese speaking students. We can assist you with employment advertising and help you look for Chinese speaking Instructors who maybe looking to work part-time or fulltime in the diving industry.

The opportunity to attract Chinese students can be through Universities, language colleges as well as local communities. You can broadcast your message to your potential Chinese speaking students, Divemasters or Instructors via local magazines that are popular with the Chinese community.

In the PADI price list you’ll see we have translated the training and learning materials in Chinese that your student and or Instructor will use to progress through the courses and more materials are being translated going forward.

So if you are looking to grow your business and you’d like to take advantage of a great opportunity then please contact me, Ian Cumming, PADI Regional Manager on +61294542821 or the PADI office on +61294542800. We’ll help you get started and support you along the way so that you’re confident to move into a market you thought was beyond your reach. We also have well trained staff here at PADI Asia Pacific in our Customer Service Team who can offer support and guidance to help drive business to your dive centre.

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