Give the Gift of PADI this Holiday Season


Christmas is quickly approaching so people will need to start planning presents for their family and friends.

You can take the hassle out of shopping for gifts this holiday season. PADI eLearning Gift Passes are the perfect present for anyone who is looking to learn to dive with PADI, take their next PADI course or even become a PADI Instructor.

Toolkits will be available on the PADI Pros Site under Toolbox – Marketing. To help you advertise eLearning courses through your Dive Centre this holiday season.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Renew Your Support for the Ocean

The diving community and PADI Professional Members in particular are playing a critical role in making significant strides forward in ocean protection.

Project AWARE, PADI’s environmental partner, is dedicated to providing PADI Pros with the tools and resources to join in campaigns and activities that contribute to advancing the health of the ocean for future generations.

Your gift* and renewed commitment to ocean protection with your PADI Member Renewal helps Project AWARE achieve conservation successes to secure a brighter future for shark and ray population and protect marine life from the onslaught of marine debris.

FACT: Your support enables Project AWARE to secure important policy advancements to keep shark and ray populations healthy.

FACT: Entanglement in marine debris threatens humpback whales and many other marine animals. More than 1,500 entangled sea creatures have been reported through Dive Against Debris since 2011.

Thank you for renewing your support for the ocean with your PADI Member Renewal.

* Gifts of AU$25/€15/£15/CHF20 or more receive a new limited edition Project AWARE Humpack Whale mask strap pad as a special thank you for your renewed support.


How to Set up Digital Product Affiliation Links on Your Website


Add links to your website and automatically affiliate Touch or eLearning students with your store so you generate revenue around the clock. Use the link below and plug in your store number along with the corresponding Course ID.

For Touch, Certification Paks and eLearning use:

For ReActivate use:

Course ID Course Name
37 Open Water English Touch (all languages)
43 Open Water English – Cert Pack
44 Open Water Spanish – Cert Pack
45 Open Water German – Cert Pack
46 Open Water Japanese – Cert Pack
47 Open Water Italian – Cert Pack
48 Open Water French – Cert Pack
49 Advanced Open Water English – Cert Pack
50 Enriched Air Diver English – Cert Pack
51 Open Water Dutch – Cert Pack
52 IDC Course English – Cert Pack
53 Dive Theory English – Cert Pack
54 Digital Underwater Photography English – Cert Pack
55 Scuba Tune-up English – Cert Pack
56 Rescue Diver English – Cert Pack
57 Divemaster English – Cert Pack
58 Open Water Russian – Cert Pack
59 IDC Course Japanese – Cert Pack
60 Dive Theory Japanese – Cert Pack
61 IDC Course Spanish – Cert Pack
62 Open Water Chinese – Cert Pack
63 Enriched Air Japanese – Cert Pack
64 Open Water Korean – Cert Pack
65 Divemaster Japanese – Cert Pack
B4956EA2-9985-4356-A9DA-42BEF212D8D8 ReActivate Touch – all languages

For landing pages to display in a particular language you can add the Language Code below. StoreNumber&LanguageType=LanguageCode

Language Code Language
ch Chinese (Traditional)
ko Korean
ja Japanese
sp Spanish
fr French
de German
du Dutch
it Italian
ru Russian

Also, make sure you check your “Courses Offered” preferences under the My Account section on the PADI Pros’ Site so you are able to utilize the corresponding affiliation links. If the proper courses are not set up in the Pros’ Site your store will not be auto-affiliated.

Note: If you have existing eLearning affiliation links installed on your website, these will continue to work.

If you have any general questions regarding PADI eLearning or Touch please contact PADI Customer Service or call +61 2 9454 2888, for marketing support contact or for sales enquiries contact

Instructor Exams for September & October, 2015

Congratulations to all the new PADI Instructors from around Asia Pacific! Here are some photos from the Instructor Examinations.


19-20 September – Dalian, China

22-23 September – Qingdao, China Qingdao-22-sep

25-26 September – Wu Xi, China

27-28 September – Dumaguete, Philippines

30 September – 01 October – Malapascua, Philippines

30 September – 01 October – Havelock, Andaman Islands


03-04 October – Perth, Australia


10-11 October – Sanya, China

10-11 October – Nadi, Fiji


10-11 October – Phuket, Thailand


13-14 October – Koh Tao, Thailand


17-18 October – Sydney, Australia


24-25 October – Uljin, South Korea

southkorea-24-oct27-28 October – Tioman, Malaysia


31 October – 01 November – Hong Kong


Increase entry level divers heading into the Southern Hemisphere summer

open water touch

As we approach the start of the summer dive season we should all be looking at how we can invite more divers into this amazing industry.

Entry level divers are the core of our business and to ensure industry growth we need to compete with all the other summer activities today’s consumer have to choose from. We must ‘stand out from the crowd’ and show the value of gaining a PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Often I hear comments like “How old do you need to be to learn to dive'” or “Does your PADI licence expire?”

Perhaps our promotion and education to the general public needs to improve so there is more awareness around when and how people can achieve their certification.

So, how can we improve on what we are already doing? How can we increase our new diver numbers? Start thinking about avenues of advertising – have you promoted learning to dive in local gyms and sports clubs? Schools? Swimming pools? Scouts groups? Surf Life Saving Clubs? If not perhaps this is a missed opportunity for you and the dive business you work in or own.

Remember – there are many options for learning to dive – PADI Open Water Touch, eLearning, Manuals and Lite Paks – ensure you are allowing students to choose the option that works best for them!

Many parents are now starting to think about summer school holiday programmes and activities they can put their children into – PADI Seal Team, Bubble Maker and Discover Scuba Diving are just some of the options to offer and advertise as ‘School Holiday Programmes’.

Reminding consumers that once they learn to dive they are qualified for life and even if they have a break, it’s super easy to refresh skills with PADI’s Reactivate programme.

We work in an industry that makes advertising using imagery easy – start promoting and educating consumers on what lies beneath our ocean – get those photos of marine life up on websites, social media and printed advertising – non divers may be unaware of the beauty of our big blue backyard!

Butterfly Perch in Milford Sound

Jewel Anemones on the Canterbury Wreck

People will want to protect the ocean and its inhabitants more if they know what is there and see it first hand! Promote underwater conservation through the Project AWARE programmes – get the community involved.

Finally – don’t forget why we do what we do! It is easy to get consumed by the business of diving. If you have lost your ‘diving mojo’ and are less enthusiastic than you used to be, or your staff are no longer answering the phone with a smile on their face, perhaps its time to get back into the water for some fun diving. Potential divers will more likely sign up for a course from a business with happy, passionate staff than those who are not!

We are lucky to be able to call the ocean our office – we have the ability to introduce others into this magical world underwater. Keep your passion alive and selling diving will be effortless!

If you would like any assistance with a marketing plan or setting some goals for growth heading into the season contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Join PADI at DRT Hong Kong 2015!

DRT Hong Kong 2015 - Logo

DRT Hong Kong will take place from Friday 11th December to Sunday 13th December 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Over 20,000 visitors are expected to attend DRT Hong Kong over the three days. Being held in one of Asia Pacific’s busiest business trading hubs, the show is sure to generate a lot of traffic from its ocean-loving population. DRT Hong Kong will bring together diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists, equipment manufacturers and those in the dive tourism industries. The show will help exhibitors promote themselves to consumers and assist with B2B networking.

Exhibiting on booth R28, PADI will be front and centre at the show directing visitors to our Members. If you’re interested in exhibiting, contact your PADI Regional Manager for more information.

You can view the full list of Dive Shows & Events PADI will be participating in here.

Diving Resort Travel (DRT) Hong Kong 2015
11–13 December 2015
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

How To: Buy and Use PADI eLearning or Touch codes

These step-by-step directions for using the new PADI Online Processing Center will cover:

  1. Sending codes to students
  2. Certifying students
  3. Creating default settings
  4. Re-Sending codes
  5. Hints tips and suggestions

Before we begin, there are a few things to note:

  • To send codes to your student(s), you must first purchase them from your Sales Consultant or from the PADI Pros’ site (click the red Shop Online button, and follow the steps to purchase).
  • Each student must have their own email address. Families cannot share one email.
  • The system will automatically time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Getting Started


  1. Click the Assign Codes button from the home screen

All unassigned codes will be shown. If you’ve purchased a lot of codes, use the drop down menus along the top to filter for the code you want.

TIP: Filter by course (Open Water, Nitrox, etc) to easily find a code
The image below shows an example of filtering for Open Water codes.


  1. Click the Assign Code button to transmit a course to a student.
  2. Input the student’s name, birthdate and email address.
    Each student must have their own email address.

The looping animation below previews the steps of assigning a code.


Oops?!? If you accidentally send a code to the wrong person, or misspell the student’s name, scroll down to the section Edit or Re-Assign a Code to find out what to do next.

Certifying Students

  1. To certify eLearning, Touch and ReActivate, students, start by clicking the Process / View Your Students button. If the student did not originate with you/your store then you can look them up by clicking the Search Codes button or via

Process / View Your Students


  1. To find the student you’re ready to certify, you have a few options:
  • If the student originated with you: simply scroll through the list until you find their name, OR use the drop down menus to filter by course, assigned date, etc.
  • Use the PADI ID from the student’s certificate of completion to locate a student regardless of their initial shop or instructor affiliation.
  • Search for the student using their full name and birthdate (see looping animation below)

Search for a Student


TIP: Find ReActivate students by filtering for the course-level they are ReActivating (ex. Advanced OW) or by filtering for Product Type: Touch.

  1. Once you find the student you’d like to certify click the Process button.
  2. Confirm the student information, and upload a photo.

The looping animation below previews the steps in processing a student.


  1. The last step is to add the instructor and class information.

At the end, you’ll have the option to email a temporary card to your student (exception: ReActivate students do not have the option for an email temp card at this time).

IMPORTANT! Do not use ala carte Online PICs to certify eLearning or Touch or ReActivate students.


Edit or Re-Send a Code

If you made an error when sending the code to a student, fear not! Here’s how to make changes.

  1. Click the Process / View Your Students button.
  2. The student(s) name will likely be at the top of the list. If you don’t see them, use the drop downs to filter for your student based on the course type, assigned date, etc.


  1. In the example above, the instructor has accidentally used the same email address for Luke and Anakin Skywalker. This won’t end well. As previously explained every student must use a different email address.
  2. The instructor contacts Anakin, explains the situation and asks him for a different email address. The instructor re-sends the eLearning course invite by clicking the Email button in the same row as his name, and typing in the new email address.


  1. The final step is to click Confirm.

You can also click the Remove button which will put the code back into your Available codes queue. It’s a complete “do over.”

re-send-code (1)

If the student has redeemed their code, you won’t be able to edit their name or email address. In the example above, the Skywalkers can be edited, the Redeemed Date shows “N/A” for both of them. Steve Zissou’s name and email cannot be edited as his course shows a redeemed date. That said, if Steve wanted his account to show “Steven” instead of “Steve” he has the ability to edit this information as part of the registration process.

Save Time, Create Default Settings

Create default settings so information will auto-populate based on instructor, course, etc. From the OLPC main screen, scroll down to the bottom and click My Preferences. Then, set up one or more default settings.

The looping animation below previews the process.


Need Help?

Look for the circle icons to get more information on where to go next.

For more information and to order – contact the PADI Sales Department (tel + 61 2 9454 2888). Don’t forget you can order anytime from the PADI Online Shopping Cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click Shop Online.