Effective sales skills – who needs them?

Last week I took the opportunity to be part of the Effective Sales Techniques course with John Le Mesurier from The University of Sydney. What a great course and what a thoroughly knowledgeable presenter John was, the course itself was over one day and John presented the topics that covered all the objectives we had listed at the beginning of the program.

We went through various topics that related to our objectives but started with the key mistakes made in sales:
1. Not listening to the buyer
2. Not asking for the order
3. Forgetting to sell to existing customers

I think the most important thing was that I was reminded of just how good it is to refresh my sales techniques and also to be again reminded of the influence we have when in front of our diving customers, students or potential divers.
Developing trust and rapport, defining needs and problems, describing features and benefits and closing the sale.
Selling is a skill that can always be practised, you can easily refresh your mind of the logical steps that make a good competent sales person even more skilled.
If you are working in a dive centre there are so many opportunities to provide customers with information that can lead them to making a purchase, signing up for a dive course as well as cementing your position as a valuable member of staff.

If you get the chance to attend a sales course take it! For our PADI Dive Centres owners and managers if you’d like some assistance with helping staff reach their sales potential please feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to assist.
Don’t miss a sales opportunity and most importantly give your staff the sales tools to help grow your business.

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