PADI Women’s Dive Day – A celebration of women in diving continued…

The last in this series of interviews with inspirational PADI Women is Kate from Tutukaka, Kate is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I know in this industry – its always such a pleasure to work with Kate, Jeroen and the team as they continually seek to provide the best in customer service and professionalism.

Name: Kate Malcolm – PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Kate - Dive! Tutukaka
Kate Malcolm
  1. When and how did you get involved in diving? “Through friends who were working as Instructors in diving, and then through family who dived”.
  2. What is your current role in the dive industry? “I own and manage Dive! Tutukaka, the largest charter operator in NZ, with my life partner and business partner, Jeroen. We have six boats, and a shore based saltwater pool here in Tutukaka, and dive the Wrecks along the coast as well as the famous Poor Knights Islands”.
  3. What tips or advice would you give to someone who is thinking about a career in diving? “Follow your heart, if it is your passion, focus on it and don’t let go. Be prepared for hard work and long hours, but if you do what you love for work, you find your work fun”.
  4. What is your favourite part of working in the dive industry? “The people. The divers I meet in different stages of their dive journey, and the staff that I meet in different stages of their life journey. I love seeing people grow, and share positive energy, and be completely passionate and immersed in their passion. It makes you greet every day with a “WAHOOO”!”
  5. Do you have a dream dive you aspire to? “We have a new Research Vessel called Acheron, a luxury liveaboard, and I would Kate Malcomlove to travel offshore on her discovering new places – diving with manta and whale sharks would be amazing”.
  6. What attributes make you more successful in diving? “Patience, passion and integrity. Same as in life. Balance, and a belief that you can make a difference. Humble enough to continually learn, and be inspired by others”.
  7. What is the next step in your diving career? “Keep doing what I am doing! Focus on our shore facilities and achieve CDC status for Dive! Tutukaka, consolidate on our fleet, and our Dive Lodge, deliver amazing experiences to all our divers, and non-divers too. Keep working on promoting the Poor Knights Islands as a world class dive destination, raising the bar, and changing the world – one diver at a time”.

I would like to thank the lovely ladies who took the time to answer the questions for these blogs. It is so great to see so many women in our industry who continue to inspire the next generation of divers!

I wanted to finish this series off with my own story and how I ended up with what I think is a dream job in this industry:

Name: Jen Clent – PADI Course Director & PADI Regional ManagerJen Clent

  1. When and how I got involved in diving: “I learnt to dive in 1996 in the middle of winter in Kaikoura, NZ (it was cheap as chips and I was poor) – I remember the long swim out from the beach to reach our depth of 5m and the visibility being practically zero ha-ha. Strangely I didn’t dive again for sometime until I was backpacking in South America and visited the Galapagos Islands – even I knew then that this place was special and it would of been a ‘diving crime’ not to dive here….so I got back in and that was that – I was immediately hooked and have been diving and working in both the tropics and the cooler waters or southern NZ ever since!”
  2. My current role in the dive industry: “I am one of 12 PADI Regional Managers in Asia Pacific – my region includes both Fiji and New Zealand, I have an amazing team of RMs I work with and along with the awesome team in the Sydney office we all aim to provide services to our many PADI members and grow this industry and welcome more and more divers into our world”. 
  3. Tips or advice I would give to someone who is thinking about a career in diving: “Follow your dreams and aim BIG! Surround yourself with positive people – nothing is impossible if you put in the effort and have the right attitude. There are so many possibilities within the Dive Industry from underwater photography, guiding, instructing, research, management – essentially you can go in any direction you wish”.
  4. My favourite part of working in the dive industry: “The people I meet, the places I get to see and the marine creatures I get to meet – my happy place is underwater and I have been lucky enough to spend many happy hours under the surface through my jobs in this industry”.
  5. My dream dive? “I have way too many to list and every time I see someone’s underwater photos or videos or hear about where someone has been lately my list grows! Top 3 today would be diving with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and Great White Sharks – tomorrows may well be different. Any dive is a good dive though right? I would be just as happy going for a shore dive in the marine reserve at Leigh or the kelp forests of Otago NZ
  6. Saving the Sharks - Project Aware Finathon
    Saving the Sharks – Project Aware Finathon

    What attributes make you more successful in diving? “Empathy. Patience. Passion. It all comes down to a positive and professional attitude at the end of the day. You need respect for the environment we call our office and all creatures that inhabit that world. You must want to protect it and encourage others to do the same”.

  7. My next step in my diving career: “Be the best I can be as a Regional Manager, continue learning – do some Tec courses and plan more dive trips both in New Zealand and overseas – basically start ticking off my bucket list. 


There are already so many amazing and inspiring women in our industry however we always welcome more so if you are keen to find out more or get back into diving then check out PADI Women’s Dive Day events taking place this weekend and get into it.

I shall sign off by wishing the very best of success to everyone getting involved in the first of many PADI Women’s Dive Day events this Saturday – July 18th 2015.

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