Introductory Tips and Options for EVE Customer Relationship Management

EVE is PADI’s preferred Customer Relationship Management software package designed to improve the efficiency of running your Dive Centre, increase your sales (courses, retail, servicing, rental and trips) and maximise your profits.

Whether you are an existing EVE user or a PADI Dive Centre owner looking to improve your Customer Relationship Management, the below short webinars of information and tips will be of use.

Introduction to EVE

This video is an introduction to what EVE can do:

Marketing Your Divers

This video shows highlights some of the tools that EVE has to market to your customers:

How to Create a MailChimp Email Marketing Account and Link to EVE

This video shows how to create a MailChimp account and link it EVE:

How to Set up the Sales Options

This video shows how set up the sales options:

How to Use the Rentals and Servicing Option

This video shows how use the rentals and servicing options:

How to Use the Trips Options

This video shows how to use the trips options:

Stay tuned for more EVE Customer Relationship Management information and tips, or contact your PADI Regional Manager for further assistance.

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