7 Ways to Keep Divers Engaged During Winter Months

Not all dive locations in Asia Pacific have 20+ degree water all year round so for those of us heading into winter (which hit New Zealand with a vengeance these last few days), we need to start thinking about ways to keep our divers engaged throughout the cooler months.

Continuing education gives you the perfect opportunity with many PADI and EFR Courses available to offer our divers, both in and out of the water, throughout this cooler period. The key is to offer a range of courses that will appeal to a mix of customers.

Ice Diver
Lake Alta in Queenstown, NZ provides a unique opportunity to experience diving under ice

Here are 7 Ways to Keep Divers Engaged During Winter Months

1. Cold water diving brings unique marine life and great visibility, so be sure to continue promoting your regular fun dives to those not put off by the temperature. Be sure to promote these cold water benefits to your divers.

2. You can offer the PADI Drysuit Specialty, or work with local manufacturers to host a ‘try a drysuit’ event for customers. If your divers are warm and equipped properly, winter diving can be amazing.

3. The winter season enables us to offer courses we might not always have access to so it is a great time to think about options you don’t normally offer. For example, the Ice Diver Specialty – an incredible experience to tick off a divers bucket list!

4. PADI’s new ReActivate programme also offers a great opportunity to get inactive divers back in the water and ready for the summer season. ReActivate can be conducted in confined water so potential weather-related obstacles are limited.

5. You can shift focus to the many other courses that don’t require in water training. These can include AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation, Emergency First Response, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Equipment Specialist, Project AWARE Specialist and Gas Blender.

6. Many PADI Tec Rec courses also begin in the confined water meaning you can start the course now and complete it once the water rewarms.

7. PADI Divemaster and Instuctor training requires both classroom and confined water scenarios. You can aim to complete these in the cooler months so you’re ready to begin in the open water once the weather warms up.

With so many options available all you need to do is create a short-term winter plan and align with your marketing efforts.

The PADI Pro’s website have all the tools you need to have a great winter season.

Contact your PADI Regional Manager who will be more than happy to get you started!

Written by Jen Clent, PADI Regional Manager for New Zealand and Fiji

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