Equipment Specialist Touch

Interactive? TICK

Multimedia? TICK

Equipment Specialist Touch….TICK!

One of the most popular PADI Specialty Diver courses is the Equipment Specialist and now there is a new Touch product to help you teach this course. This NEW Interactive, multimedia, tablet-based program reviews the features and functions of current dive equipment and is super easy to use!

The Equipment Specialist Touch gives divers more information about owning their own dive gear and scuba system components such as regulators & dive instruments. This product is a great supplement to the PADI Equipment Specialist course and comes packaged together with a Certifying Credit (PIC).

This new interactive program is based on the Equipment section of the Dive Theory Online and includes short video clips and interactive images such as an “exploded” regulator (see demo video).

It also covers the features and functions of today’s dive equipment including:
• Open-circuit and Rebreathers
• Scuba cylinders and valves
• Regulators
• Instrumentation (including SPG, dive computers, depth gauges and compasses)
• Enriched Air equipment
• How to choose and maintain scuba equipment

This product is the perfect item to package with your new Equipment Specialist course. Why not consider including it as an add-on when a Student signs up for an Advanced Open Water Course or Divemaster Course?

For more information – contact the PADI Sales Department (Tel + 61 2 9454 2888) or enter the PADI Online Shopping Cart by logging onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click ‘Shop Online’.

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