The Importance of Continuing Education

It is proven that divers who complete training above and beyond the PADI Open Water Diver course will dive more often, invest in dive gear and most importantly – keep diving.padi_flowChart

As diving can be a seasonal activity for those in certain parts of the world, as we move season to season, summer to winter and between peaks and troughs in business, we need to look at ways of attracting new divers into the incredible world of scuba diving. One of the primary ways is to ensure that newly certified Open Water divers have the information and support to keep diving for fun, or to further their education.

Having information easily available for customers and students is imperative. Most Dive Centres and Resorts will have a database of customers which they can send information out to but it’s the Instructors and Certified Assistants that hold a great deal of face-to-face potential.

Are your staff trained in promoting continuing education? When asked about further education from divers, including specialty, professional and technical courses, are they prepared to give the diver the best information possible? If doubtful, then we highly recommended you run internal training courses.

Your PADI Regional Manager is here to assist and support your business so why not run an informal sales training evening for your staff? A simple course information night for your dive club would be a great start.

There are many possiPADI-TecRec-Flowchart-Horizontal-Online (1)ble presentations your Regional Manager can assist with so contact yours today for further information and make sure your divers keep diving, invest in quality dive equipment and share their ongoing passion of scuba with you!

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