PADI eLearning: A great option!

Since 2007 eLearning has had a revenue share portion as part of the purchase price, in 2015 this has changed. Along the way we received feedback from Members saying that revenue share affected the cash-flow of the business and was at times not suitable for the way their business was run. As many of you are aware, eLearning for 2015 can now be purchased without revenue share thus providing Members with an affordable and sophisticated product that can be easily purchased then sent to students signed up for a dive course.

With the new changes now implemented you can buy eLearning direct from PADI by either the Online Shopping Cart or directly from your PADI Sales Consultant, the third option is via where the revenue share option is available. With the PIC attached to the eLearning credit this will help align learning materials with a student’s certification.

For those of you who like the new system, you’ll note that this puts eLearning front and centre as an affordable alternative for students to learn off site and come into the dive shop anytime they choose too or more importantly anytime you encourage them to do so.

eLearning is now a serious choice for all dive centres to consider offering their busy customers to knock over the knowledge development portion of a dive course and provides a solid information background that will stay with them for many years to come. There are so many positives to come with learning online, there are more and more courses on offer and importantly eLearning takes advantage of the technology we have available today, online and offline.

Offering this style of learning is becoming a no brainer and is suitable for all ages, feel free to call me and discuss how eLearning can help your business prosper.


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