PADI ReActivate Q&A – “ReActivated Thru”, Two Years Versus Six Months

reactivate-ipadThis installment addresses the two-year time frame of PADI ReActivate™. Here are some common questions received:

In other courses, we say “six months to a year” rather than two years. Doesn’t that send an inconsistent message?

The PADI organization encourages divers to dive as frequently as possible. And while refreshing skills after six months of inactivity is still recommended, ReActivate tries to set an outside “window” for refreshing skills. PADI certifications do not expire, but skills and knowledge can degrade over time. The extent of this deterioration depends upon many variables. ReActivate helps get divers back in the water when they need to refresh, regardless of the interval.

Our business wants to control how often we promote ReActivate to our customers. We say that divers should refresh every “six months to a year” if inactive. But the “ReActivate thru” date sends a message that the program is good for two years. How do we compete against this?

Explain to customers that the “ReActivate thru” date provides an outside window for recommended retraining, but it’s their knowledge, skill proficiency and familiarity – not a date – that should guide ReActivating.

Please contact your PADI Regional Headquarters if you have questions.

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  1. The concentration on a specific time is a little misleading, how many previous dives, what skill level was the diver before he/she took a six month/one year break would surely be more relevant. Having been an instructor and still current and done several thousand dives and been diving since 1959, i might be a little upset to be told I could not go on a boat dive because I had not dived for six months.

  2. Hi John,

    Thank you for your feedback. You are certainly right, there are other factors which determine whether a diver needs to reactivate their skills and knowledge apart from time. The article explains that the “ReActivate thru” date provides a time frame for recommended retraining, but there may be other reasons such as their knowledge, skill proficiency and familiarity.

    – PADI

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