ReActivate Your Divers Today – What Are They Worth To You?

reactivateSurveys show divers want to get back on scuba no matter how long they’ve been out of the water. ReActivate gives you a personalised way to help them do just that, and expand your customer base at the same time. ReActivate means proactively inviting back inactive divers instead of waiting for them to figure out how to re-join our ranks on their own. Think about all the divers in your database who haven’t been around for a while….

Available NOW in both Online and Touch Versions, ReActivate is the revolutionized revamped Scuba Tune Up for today’s modern diver. It packages together a series of different scenarios to really incorporate different situations that one may encounter as a Diver. Including – Knowledge Reviews, Dive Skills refresher & Certifying Credit (PIC). As well, the student has the option to reactivate any other certifications that they may have. For example an Advanced OW or a Nitrox certification (EFR excluded).

ReActivate is a convenient, prescriptive program designed to encourage inactive certified Divers to refresh their skills and GO DIVING TODAY!

Ask yourself what is a reactivated customer worth to you?

  • How much would you make from selling a new Mask, Snorkel & Fins?
  • How much could you earn from selling Continuing Education Courses?
  • How about a recreational Dive Trip?

The possibilities are endless – get back in contact with your Divers TODAY!

For more information and to order – contact the PADI Sales Department  (tel + 61 2 9454 2888)

Don`t forget you can order anytime from the PADI Online Shopping Cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click Shop Online.

Are You Prepared to Respond to an Emergency?

rescue-diverAs we go through our training to become Dive Professionals we are tested frequently on our Rescue Diver Skills. We learn them initially in the PADI Rescue Diver Course, then are reassessed during Divemaster, Instructor Development Course and finally assessed during our PADI Instructor Examination.

But then what? Do you practice these skills? There are many PADI Pro’s (both Divemasters and Instructors) out there who have been in the industry for many years.

With many of our best dive locations in remote areas or some distance away from a hyperbaric chamber it becomes imperative to know you can count on the people around you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

So, how can we best prepare our Dive Centre or Resort staff? Simple. Regular staff training!

The PADI Rescue Diver Course Exercise 7– Unresponsive Diver at the Surface is a great way to refresh rescue skills. Combine this with an EFR Primary & Secondary Care Refresher course and Emergency Oxygen Provider and your staff and customers will benefit from not only the knowledge you and your staff refresh or gain, but in the unlikely event of an incident you and your staff will be well prepared to assist in achieving a positive outcome.

Include all key staff who would be expected to assist should something go wrong, including your boat captains, Divemasters and Instructors.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with your practical skills and the latest training standards by reading the quarterly Training Bulletins or by attending a Training Bulletin Live webinar run by the PADI Training Department. Find out when the next one is run or listen to the recently recorded Q1 Bulletin on the PADI Pro’s website.

Divemaster, Dive Theory and Instructor Development eLearning Courses now available

PADI Asia Pacific is pleased to announce Divemaster, Dive Theory and Instructor Development eLearning Courses are now available for Members to purchase!

elearningIn January the Diver Level eLearning Courses became available for direct purchase by PADI Members. Now Pro Level Courses are also available for Members to purchase in the same way.

eLearning codes may be ordered from the Online Shopping Cart or from your PADI Sales Representative. The Product Codes are listed below:

Open Water eLearning 50010-3
Adventures in Diving eLearning 50060-3
Rescue Diver eLearning 50400-3
Enriched Air Diver eLearning 50012-3
Digital Underwater Photographer eLearning 50300-3
Divemaster eLearning 50500-3
Dive Theory Online 50011-3
Instructor Development eLearning 50016-3

Type the Product Codes into the search box on the Online Shopping Cart, or browse through the eLearning section from the left-hand menu bar.

New to ordering on the Online Shopping Cart?  Have a look at this How-To Guide for further details.

Not used the new eLearning system yet?  Have a look through this Step-by-Step Guide that will walk you through receiving, sending and processing an eLearning product.

We look forward to hearing from you again soon!

PADI receives the Tauchen Award for best training organisation

PADI EMEA Ltd. receives the Tauchen Award for the 16th time in a row as the best training organisation.

Every year divers and subscribers of the Tauchen magazine nominate their favourite candidates out of the 17 categories within the diving industry. PADI is the only organisation, since the initiation of the Tauchen Award, that has won the first prize 16 times in a row. On the 22.01.2015, at the exclusive location in Düsseldorf, Nachtresidenz, the Tauchen Award gala evening was held. Alexandra Jahr, General Manager of Jahr Top Special Verlags and Maike Grützediek, Chief Editor moderated the individual presentation of the nominees and winners.

Mark Spiers, Vice President, Sales, Field Services, Marketing & Business Development, PADI EMEA Ltd.:

“We are very proud to receive this award and truly appreciate the continued recognition that the readers of Tauchen magazine give to us. To win any award is always great, but to win it sixteen times is amazing ! Tauchen readers, together with the more than one Million Facebook fans that PADI has, know that PADI is the way the world learns to dive. This award is recognition not just of PADI’s achievements but also for the quality of training and customer service given by PADI Members and over 6,200 PADI Dive Shops around the globe. Many thanks to Tauchen magazine and its readers for this award.”

Tauchen Award 2015 Winners
Source: Jahr Top Special Verlag – The winners of this years Tauchen Award 2015


The Tauchen Honorary Award goes to Jack W. Lavanchy, one of the earliest pioneers in the European Diving Industry.

A true Legend, Jack W. Lavanchy received the Honorary Award for his life’s work in the diving industry.

Jack W. Lavanchy
Source: Jahr Top Special Verlag

After the war in 1947, he was in Cannes and saw for the first time people snorkeling in the sea opposite his house. This was the start of his long career in the diving industry. Lavanchy was active in Glaukos, the oldest diving club in Switzerland, serving throughout the years as Vice President, President, Secretary and Head of the technical committee. He was the Club’s delegate in the Swiss Diving Federation, worked in the Technical Commission and attended most of the CMAS General Assemblies. Lavanchy was a fervent supporter of simplicity and safety in teaching methods, and supported the development of the CMAS Scientific Commission. Through various business ventures that promoted diving throughout Europe, Lavanchy launched in 1983, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ (PADI) European & Maldives licensee, PADI Europe, and the PADI European (instructor) College. Lavanchy believed in conserving and protecting the underwater environment and in 1996, he launched Project A.W.A.R.E. (Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education) Foundation Europe, forming one of Europe’s most active and influential marine environmental organizations. Werner Thomaier, General Manager of Aqua Lung Germany and a close friend of Lavanchy held the very emotional and moving Laudatio.

What Do You Love About the Ocean?

Project AWARE - What I Love About the Ocean

Do something different this Valentine’s Day. Inspire your student divers to protect the underwater world by taking part in the #WhatILoveAbouttheOcean campaign.

Join Project AWARE in celebrating what divers everywhere love about the ocean:

  1. Share your favourite ocean picture on Twitter or Instagram using #WhatILoveAbouttheOcean. Your image will be automatically added to the campaign photo grid.
  2. Don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account? Don’t worry you can still participate by adding your photo directly to the #WhatILoveAbouttheOcean grid. Don’t forget to add a caption!
  3. Make a donation to help protect what you love for future generations.

Project AWARE will spread the love far and wide by featuring some of your best pics to inspire others to love and protect the ocean!

Share your love for the ocean this Valentine’s Day and head to Twitter to tweet your love: This #ValentinesDay I’m celebrating my ❤ for the ocean to inspire others to protect it #WhatILoveAbouttheOcean

PADI eLearning: A great option!

Since 2007 eLearning has had a revenue share portion as part of the purchase price, in 2015 this has changed. Along the way we received feedback from Members saying that revenue share affected the cash-flow of the business and was at times not suitable for the way their business was run. As many of you are aware, eLearning for 2015 can now be purchased without revenue share thus providing Members with an affordable and sophisticated product that can be easily purchased then sent to students signed up for a dive course.

With the new changes now implemented you can buy eLearning direct from PADI by either the Online Shopping Cart or directly from your PADI Sales Consultant, the third option is via where the revenue share option is available. With the PIC attached to the eLearning credit this will help align learning materials with a student’s certification.

For those of you who like the new system, you’ll note that this puts eLearning front and centre as an affordable alternative for students to learn off site and come into the dive shop anytime they choose too or more importantly anytime you encourage them to do so.

eLearning is now a serious choice for all dive centres to consider offering their busy customers to knock over the knowledge development portion of a dive course and provides a solid information background that will stay with them for many years to come. There are so many positives to come with learning online, there are more and more courses on offer and importantly eLearning takes advantage of the technology we have available today, online and offline.

Offering this style of learning is becoming a no brainer and is suitable for all ages, feel free to call me and discuss how eLearning can help your business prosper.


Start 2015 the right way with PADI’s Business Academies

business academy logoWith the 2015 Worldwide PADI Business Academy programme already underway, don’t miss out on your chance to register for one of these game-changing two-day seminars.

Alexandra Dimitriou attended the recent Business Academy in Cyprus, and has shared some positive feedback from her experience.

As a relatively new dive center owner I have had a steep learning curve making the transition from instructor to owner. Today’s marketplace is hugely different to that which I learned in my Business A-level in the UK – oh so many moons ago – the PBA was such an eye opener to ways to move Scuba Monkey onwards and upwards.

The PBA opened my eyes in three major ways:

#1: Marketing isn’t a bad thing, you just have to know your audience and be able to take a personal approach. By knowing who your audience is you can better serve them, and this is a service like all others. You can make it an enjoyable one – both for yourself and for your prospective guests. The PBA taught us how to get the knowledge of things like website keywords, using online tools that have been at my fingertips since the beginning, but until the academy, only my web designer had ventured into this realm on my business’ behalf.

#2: The PADI Pro website. I have used this site for close to 10 years and I honestly thought I understood all the tools available to me.  Clearly not. The PBA went through every tab in the minutest detail and it was a shock to discover all the features that have been available to me all this time and had not been utilizing to full potential.

#3: Social Media. I honestly thought that this element of the PBA would be something that I could learn little from…after all, I already blog, link everything to the website, twitter and Facebook….what more could there be? A lot as it turns out. The PBA taught me little quirks and tweaks that could even further my marketing success. Things like scheduled posting on Facebook and how to highlight an important post are all features that have been at my fingertips, but have failed to use. The academy taught me that staying current to new trends will be an essential mode for dive center survival. This information did not make me loose heart however – again Knowledge is power and power means control. Workshops allowed us to use free tools like Animoto and Mail Chimp to better serve our guests and encourage them to be more interactive over all social platforms.

You too can harness the power!

The following PADI Business Academy programs are schedules across Asia Pacific for 2015.

Business Academy Dates
Chennai, India 24th – 25th February, 2015
Nadi, Fiji 13th – 14th April, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand 11th – 12th May, 2015
Cebu, Philippines 19th – 20th May, 2015
Bali, Indonesia 2nd – 3rd June, 2015

Further PADI Business Academies may be added in 2015 in additional locations, please contact your PADI Regional Manager to express interest.