It’s Time to Celebrate and We’re Celebrating YOU!

Project AWARE : Year in Review 2014e

As we approach the end of 2014, it’s a special time of year for many people across the globe to celebrate. And here at Project AWARE, we’re celebrating YOU!

Every day we receive messages, emails and images of the actions you’re taking to lead the fight for ocean protection in your local community.

Whether you’re involved in Dive Against Debris, teaching the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty or urging increased protection for sharks and rays, your actions and passion inspire all of our staff, each and every day. Thank you.

Together we’ve accomplished some amazing things in 2014. We’ve:

  • Mobilized 5,804 ocean advocates to send 28,804 letters urging support for sharks and rays.
  • Removed and reported 87,668 items from 58 countries.
  • Influenced listing of 21 sharks and rays at the 11th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species #CMSCoP11.
  • Encouraged CMS Member Nations to make a commitment and advance international cooperation to tackle the marine debris crisis.
  • Inspired 25 teams of swimmers to raise $52,495 and help fight, insist and negotiate for threatened sharks and rays.

That’s why, as we close the books on 2014 and look towards the challenges ahead, we know that together we can achieve remarkable things. Together we’re an unprecedented movement – a movement fuelled by our love for the ocean and our strong will to protect and fight for it.

2014 has been one amazing year and we truly couldn’t have achieved such success without you. You can help us hit the ground running with an aggressive action plan in 2015 by making a donation before 31st Dec.  Your donation will be matched – dollar for dollar up to total $25k – by PADI plus donations over $150 will receive a Fourth Element t-shirt as a token of our thanks.

We know that change doesn’t come easy. Winning increased protection for our ocean takes coordinated action, negotiation and diplomacy. But thanks to you, we’re winning the battle on many levels. Our movement for ocean protection is getting stronger and we’re getting louder. We can’t wait for our successes in 2015 – thank you for all YOU do and happy holidays!

Check out the 2014 Year in Review Infographic to see what your support has made possible or take a look at the animated infographic video above.


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