Help Protect Sharks and Rays


Find Out How You Can Help Protect Migratory Species this upcoming November

Although several countries have protections for sharks and rays in place, many species travel large distances, often crossing national boundaries. Their migratory routes are determined by nature, not by the borders we’ve drawn. International cooperation is vital to ensuring the survival of the world’s most threatened migratory species.

This 3-9 November in Quito, Ecuador, an unprecedented number of proposals to list 21 species of rays and sharks will be debated and decided. Project AWARE and partner NGOs will be there to represent the voice of the dive community and ask 120 Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) to come together and protect the migratory species in greatest need. If successful, countries will coordinate international conservation measures to protect the species and the states or countries through which they pass.

What Can You Do To Support this Urgent Campaign?

1. Go Online to and submit a letter direct to those with decision making power. We’re urging them to ensure international safeguards for migratory species at greatest risk
2. Amplify Your Voice: Join the Thunderclap. During the conference, thousands of divers will join in a social media storm to share messages to those in Ecuador. #SharksWithoutBorders
3. Make a Donation and support our work to break down barriers for sharks and rays

Please act now to ensure sharks, rays and marine debris are featured high on the #CMSCoP11 agenda this November.

Head to to find out more.

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