Advice for New Scuba Instructors

We’ve asked a few members of the PADI team to share their best piece of advice for a new scuba instructor… Below are their responses.


Brigit Jager – PADI Asia Pacific Training and Quality Management Educational Consultant
When applying for a job, if at all feasible, make the effort to visit your potential employer in person – look and be the enthusiastic dive professional they would like to employ, and don’t forget to highlight any additional skills or experiences you bring, e.g. in boating / engineering / technician / IT / sales / multiple languages, etc. Choose only an employer you would go dive with or learn to dive with yourself.

Alan Jan – PADI Americas Supervisor, Instructor Development
Start your teaching career by working with an experienced instructor for the first few courses. This will cut your learning curve in half.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

David Scanlan – PADI Asia Pacific Graphic Designer
It is the students that don’t master everything the first time that are the most rewarding to teach – a good balance between patience and persuasive encouragement will be the key to success in these cases.

diving-shaws-coveNancy Fisher – Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Observe different instructor’s classes and take-away great ideas that will work for you.  And ‘practice teach’ before your first real class so sessions flow smoothly, especially confined and open water skills.

Mary Kaye Hester – PADI Americas Training
Never forget what it was like to breathe underwater for the very first time. It’s astounding!

andy-6Andy Kunig – PADI Americas Training Consultant
Work with experienced colleagues to get your feet wet for your first few classes.


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