What is P5 Marketing and how can i get involved?

A few weeks ago, Sheridan Hatcher from the PADI marketing team traveled to North Queensland and visited several members in Cairns, working closely with the members on their social media marketing. It seems that each day more and more social media is available and being utilised as the way to go promoting your business. Not every dive business has the means to hire a part-time or full-time media person and most of us are doing this part of the business ourselves. Aside from making sure that the boats go out on time, the shop is well stocked, classed are full and the monthly staff schedule is done, keeping in touch with your customers via social media is an important part of business these days.

So how do you know what to post, where to post, when to post and how to post? Well, connecting with y0ur PADI Regional Manager first and covering the basics is a must. Your PADI Regional Manager knows what works and how to make sure  that your customers, both current and new know where to find you and how good to really are.

The time and money you spend getting customers into your door only get better when these same customers write about you on social media, the good stuff that is. So why have Sheridan come and visit your store? P5 Marketing! Now what is P5 Marketing you ask, here we go.

Precision 5 Marketing consist of: Local Advertising, Social Media, Websites, Database and Store signage, all very important factors for your dive centre or resort success. Sheridan will work one on one with you making sure that all the correct boxes are ticked and most importantly effectively. You can set your Facebook page up so that people can tag themselves when you post photos but if no one is that the tagging is not effective and pretty much useless. You will be shown the right tools to make all this easy for you and your customers. Customised email templates, Facebook templates and other online elements are all readily available from PADI.

During Sheridan’s visit to my region, we visited members in Cairns, Port Douglas and Hamilton Island. We are currently planning her next visit to Queensland and I will keep you posted on… YES you guessed it, Social Media!

Don’t be fooled and take your P5 Marketing seriously! To get involved and have Sheridan visit your store, contact your local PADI Regional Manager to get the ball rolling.

PADI Regional Manager – Hans Ullrich

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