Looking to advertise your content on Facebook?

Despite the dramatic decline in Facebook reach seen across many Facebook Pages, it remains one of, if not the most important online platform for businesses to reach out to their audience.

By boosting your posts and utilising the advertising manager, you can help your most important content reach a greater proportion of your Page Fans or even users who do not currently follow you. These options both require investing a small, or large, amount of money so it is important that you set things up correctly from the beginning of your campaign.

As a newcomer to Facebook Advertising, you may not know of the text-to-image ratio that determines whether you image can be used.

Your promoted image cannot include more than 20% text. This applies to promoted Page posts, offers, App advertisements and all other Ads that will show in the Facebook News Feed. Sometimes if you have more than 20% text in your image you may find that Facebook reject your image immediately or that it takes a few hours before their review process finds yours does not meet guidelines.

An easy way to test whether your image meets guidelines is to use their Grid Tool.

To use the grid tool:

  1. Go to the grid tool.
  2. Click Browse to upload an image you want to use in your ad.
  3. Click Show grid to display the image within the 5×5 grid.
  4. Click on the boxes that contain text. If text is present in 6 or more boxes, then the image more than likely has more than 20% text and may not eligible to be used in an ad in News Feed.
  5. If your image has more than 20% text, you will need to edit your Ad and replace the image.

For more tips on how Facebook and other social media platforms can be used for your dive centre or resort, contact your PADI Regional Manager.

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