PADI Business Academy Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne – Book now!

BusinessAcademyLogo_SI_0314Book your spot at the PADI Business Academy in Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne. Follow up results from PADI Members in Asia Pacific revealed that the group of 108 PADI Retailers and Resorts who completed the PADI Business Academy in 2013, enjoyed an average increase of 13.6% in diving certifications compared with 2012. This highlights the tangible benefits that PADI Business Academies provide for PADI Dive Centres and Resorts.

Date Location Venue
17 – 18 June, 2014 Sydney Rydges, Sydney Airport
23 – 24 June, 2014 Auckland Holiday Inn, Auckland
6 – 7 August, 2014 Melbourne Hemisphere Conference Centre and Hotel

Refer to online brochure for other locations in the Asia Pacific region.

At the PADI Business Academy, you’ll explore the latest, modern-day, cutting-edge business techniques and walk away from the two-day program armed with tools to implement strategies most valuable to your business. To ensure a custom-tailored learning environment, the number of attendees is limited, so the Business Academy staff can really focus on you. Following the completion of Business Academy, PADI Staff will follow-up with you throughout the year to help you reach your business goals set during the program.

PADI Business Academy tuition fees are offered through three tiers: 5 Star Dive Centres/Resorts, Dive Centres/Resorts and Individual Members. Tuition fee includes tuition for one member, a USB drive filled with PADI Business Academy materials and a cocktail reception. Plus, with every four paid attendees from your store, you’ll receive a free tuition credit for a fifth member of your staff – making the decision to attend even easier.

The online brochure contains detailed information about the various workshops and a schedule of events. View the online brochure.

The PADI Business Academy program is filling up quickly and numbers are strictly limited so PADI staff can provide you with personal attention. So don’t delay – contact your PADI Regional Manager or download the registration form to enroll in the PADI Business Academy program and prepare to transform your business for success in 2014.


It’s a wrap! The Ocean Film Festival Australia a great success.

The Ocean Film Festival Australia was held in 15 towns and cities (19 screenings) across Australia in March this year, showcasing the best of the ocean both above and below the surface through a series of short films. In association with PADI and the Project AWARE Foundation, the events aimed to inspire viewers to explore, respect, enjoy, and protect our oceans.

Inspiring and thought-provoking, the Ocean Film Festival Australia was filled with moving footage, touching interviews and insightful narrations with each of the festival’s films conveying a deep respect and appreciation for the world’s oceans and the creatures that call them home.

The event was not only a great success for marine conservation efforts however, but a great success for promoting PADI’s stance on the protection of our marine environment – a positive message sent to all event attendees.

With stimulating scuba diving and other underwater footage shown to hundreds in each location, while exposing the PADI brand to just shy of 6,000 people overall, it encouraged and motivated onlookers to explore and protect the diving locations close to home – great news for all PADI Members and Dive Centres in the area.

To find out more, visit the Ocean Film Festival Australia website.

Ways to Engage with ScubaEarth!

SE_Icon_1With over 70,000 active users on ScubaEarth, this online community is only growing.

So how can you make the most of your ScubaEarth profile and attract additional customers looking to take their first breaths underwater?

Like other social media platforms, word of mouth is a strong way to accrue new customers and ScubaEarth provides a tailored marketing platform for this to occur.

Here are a couple of simple and easy options to start promoting your presence on ScubaEarth:

1. Add a ScubaEarth message to your emails

  1. Consider adding an email banner to your messages asking customers to join your ScubEarth Dive crew.
  2. Want to step it up a notch? Why not send out a targeted email to your database asking all of your previous and existing customers to join your dive crew? Did you know that we have a ScubaEarth email template available for your use? Download it from the PADI Pros Site, under theToolbox > Marketing > Web & Email Marketing

2. Add a ‘Join our Dive Crew’ Web Banner to your website

You wouldn’t leave your social media links off your website, so don’t forget about ScubaEarth! It is another way for your customers to actively connect with you. Diver’s are looking for information on where you dive, how often and who with, and ScubaEarth is the perfect place for them to find all of this information.

3. Share your logged dives on your other social media platforms

Don’t forget to cross promote! Make sure you are capturing all of your potential customers by linking your ScubaEarth activity to your other social media platforms. Your Facebook followers also want to know about the dives you are logging, where they are and what you saw!

4. Sign up all your divers after they complete a course with you & have them affiliate with your store

What better opportunity to connect with your customers, than right after they complete a course with you? Have them sign-up for ScubaEarth on the spot and log their training dives, making sure to tag your Dive Shop in each new dive!

Log in to ScubaEarth today to start promoting your Dive Shop!


New Interactive Map from Project AWARE is the First to Visualize Underwater Trash

PA-LogoAn interactive map launched this week by Project AWARE, a global nonprofit organization, visualizes nearly three years of ongoing reporting by an international network of volunteer scuba divers who remove trash they find underwater through the Dive Against Debris program.

Dive Against Debris empowers scuba divers around the world to remove and report types and amounts of trash they find underwater. The web-based reporting platform enables divers to submit their data and images online. This information is now being shown on the new interactive Dive Against Debris map, shedding light on the growing marine debris problem that remains largely invisible to the wider public.

“Armed with the information, supported by people on the ground, and working in partnerships, we can drive much needed change for the ocean from two directions: bottom up and top down,” said Ania Budziak, Associate Director of Science and Policy for Project AWARE. “Together, we can change what we produce, consume, and how we dispose of our waste. We can also influence policies necessary to improve how waste is managed locally, regionally and globally.”

Our trash does not belong in the environment yet millions of tons of it enter the ocean each year. So far, the number one type of trash reported by Project AWARE divers is plastic – making up nearly 70 percent of the items. These include single use plastics we throw away everyday like bottles and bags that animals mistake for food as well as fishing line and nets that entangle marine life with devastating consequences. The map, which visualizes more than 400,000 items of debris reported so far, underscores why initiatives to reduce waste are so critical.

Project AWARE’s new Dive Against Debris map represents the first opportunity to instantly visualize what is reported and where on a global scale. The organization hopes to use this information to target debris prevention initiatives, reduce the amount of rubbish entering the ocean and ultimately protect wildlife.

“As scuba divers, we’re able to use our unique skills and knowledge to collect data to show the devastating impacts our waste has on life beneath the waves,” said Budziak. “Project AWARE volunteers who remove and report underwater debris are members of a unique community that contribute to a clean and healthy ocean and also inspire us all to make ocean friendly choices every day.”

View the map to see what divers are finding underwater and get involved at

Dive Against Debris

The PADI Facebook Page reaches 1 Million Fans!

PADI Facebook 1 million
With 1 Million Fans and counting, the PADI Facebook Page is the biggest Facebook Page dedicated to divers, the underwater world and conservation. It is an online community where over 1,000,000 divers across the world connect to find information, tell stories about their favourite scuba diving experiences and engage with one another about their passion for the underwater world. It is a place where divers can share the beautiful details of nudibranch, moments of awe in the presence of whale sharks or even fun photos of marine life joining the ‘selfie’ trend.

It is also a place which shows how scuba diving can enhance and change lives for the better, create new opportunities and bring people together. Much of the content shared on the PADI Facebook Page directs fans to blog articles which create interest in scuba diving in your region, from explorations of local sites through to tips on learning to dive or continuing education, as well as assisting them in finding your business via our PADI Dive Shop Locator.

The bigger the PADI Facebook presence, the bigger the benefit it is for you.

Facebook is not the only place where we create a buzz, however. Along with ScubaEarth® (our interactive online scuba diving community with over 72,000 users), our presence on YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and more shows just how much the scuba diving community love to engage with their peers.

If you are not utilising these social media platforms for your business already, you are missing out on the chance to engage with existing customers and reach out to new ones. If you need a helping hand to get started, contact your local Oceania PADI Regional Manager.

Thank you for your continued contribution to the PADI online presence, making the PADI Facebook Page the biggest Page dedicated to scuba divers and the industry.

Product Announcement – PADI Wreck Diver Material

Experience Real Heavy Metal with the PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Course

From fresh water to salt, from shallow water recreational depths, to deeper dives, the PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Course is another course to offer your divers the adventures of a lifetime.

Diving on wrecks will appeal to most divers – it’s where the past meets the present. Few moments in diving compare with descending on the past.

The PADI Wreck Diver Speciality course teaches the basic principles for fun, safe wreck diving and is one of PADIs favourite sought after Specialty’s.

To assist you schedule your next wreck diver course – available for shipping from PADI Asia Pacific are the following PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Course material:

For the Instructor:

Wreck Diver Specialty Instructor Guide (product number 70232)

DVD – Conducting and Marketing PADI Speciality Courses (70846)

For the Diver:

Basic Wreck Diver pak, contains the student manual and PIC, paper / online (79304SP/P79304SP)

Complete Wreck Diver pak, contains the manual, DVD, speciality course completion certificate and PIC, paper / online (60036SP / P60036SP).

If you want to order please contact the PADI Sales Department  (tel + 61 2 9454 2888).

Don’t forget you can order anytime from the online shopping cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Siteand click Shop Online

Direct your students on your website to for more information on the PADI Wreck Diver Course.

PADI Wreck Diver

Join WRAD and Bob Irwin Wildlife Foundation for the community Reef Rally

Wildlife conservationist Bob Irwin will be heading to Airlie Beach on Sunday the 13th April, discussing to the people of the Whitsundays about protecting their patch of the Reef.

Bob will be a guest speaker at the Rally for the Reef on Sunday 13th April. The Rally is a family day out, with organisers encouraging everyone to come along and invite their friends, crew, family, and networks.

Organisers and attendees will be meeting at 10 am at the northern end of the Lagoon for a community march, followed by a BBQ picnic, guest speakers, and live music from Whitsunday’s best local talent.

Other guest speakers include water quality scientist and senior researcher at James Cook University Dr Jon Brodie, and environmental activist June Norman.

Come and show your support for the Reef, the Whitsunday community, have a chat to Bob Irwin, and stay for the BBQ and live music.

To volunteer on the day or find out more go to the event page on Facebook.WRAD