Mike Crawford awarded for “Outstanding Commitment to the Vanuatu Diving Industry – 2013”

Mike-Crawford-Award-uploadThe recent PADI Instructor Exam in Vanuatu was the successful result of much hard work by the instructor candidates, their PADI Course Director Sarah Kench along with a great team of supporters.

The fact that a PADI Instructor Development Course and Instructor Exam occurred can be largely attributed to the hard work of Mike Crawford, a PADI Member for 23 years and long-time resident of Vanuatu.  Mike is a PADI Instructor who brought a wealth of experience to Vanuatu when he arrived in the mid-90s.  Along with his wife Maggie – also a PADI Instructor – Mike worked closely with the local Ni Vanuatu (Ni-Van) dive guides to assist them to become PADI Professionals.

Mike and Maggie run Big Blue Scuba & Snorkel in Port Vila, Vanuatu in conjunction with their local staff.  Prior to owning Big Blue, Mike worked for the PRO DIVE chain including PRO DIVE Port Vila on Iririki Island, Vanuatu and previously on the cruise ship, Fairstar.

When Mike first arrived in Vanuatu, there were very few local PADI Professionals and Mike identified the need for local Ni-Van to become PADI Divemasters and Instructors. To the Ni-Van, English is often a 3rd or 4th language so Mike’s help and support has been invaluable to the local team in understanding the intricacies of professional level diving – including physics and physiology in the English language.

The ambition shown by the local Ni-Van divers combined with their very hard work and commitment, has resulted in their PADI Instructor dream becoming a reality.  Mike Crawford’s contribution to the success of the recent PADI Instructor Exam in Vanuatu is applauded by the PADI Asia Pacific team and his support is deeply appreciated by the new PADI Instructors.

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