Project AWARE: Celebrate #GivingTuesday – Give Back to the Ocean You Love

PADI is giving back to the ocean in celebration of #GivingTuesday – an international day to celebrate giving. To mark the beginning of the holiday season PADI will match all donations to Project AWARE up to $10,000.

And everyone who donates $150 or more also receives a Project AWARE long sleeve eco ethical T-shirt (please note all T-shirts delivered in January)

PADI’s commitment to #GivingTuesday is an industry first and we encourage all dive centres and PADI divers to give back to the ocean and make #GivingTuesday a day for our ocean planet.

The time to protect the ocean is now.   


How to Give Back on #GivingTuesday?

  1. Give – all donations, large or small, are critical to our next ocean victory
  2. Check out our brand NEW videoOcean Protection Starts with You” and find out why your donation is a great investment for our ocean future
  3. Show your support of #GivingTuesday by taking a picture, tagging it #unselfie, #GivingTuesday and #projectaware, and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram until December 4!
  4. Give your time and Dive Against Debris this December

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Thank you to all PADI Members and Dive Centres who support Project AWARE. Please look out for more alerts from Project AWARE on how you can get involved. 

Malapascua Island Update

Malpascua message b2cPADI Regional Manager, Jimmy Christrup, visited Malapascua Island this week in support of PADI Members and the local population following the devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda. The PADI Dive Centres and Resorts are currently focused on assisting their local staff and extended families with urgent needs including food, water, housing and other essentials. The damage done on Malapascua was severe but the recovery process is proceeding well although there’s still a long way to go.

Most PADI Dive Shops from Malapascua are posting updates with photos on their Facebook pages and some have online donation opportunities if you wish to make a contribution to the recovery. A few PADI Dive Shops have already completed reconnaissance dives taking photos of the renowned Thresher Sharks. You can visit the PADI Dive Shop Locator for a list of the PADI Dive Shops on the island. Many of these PADI Dive Shops are expecting to provide some diving services to their customers by 30th November with the majority of services being available by 20th December in time for the busy Christmas period.

PADI Public Safety Diver Basic Essentials Workshops: Hong Kong 12th – 19th January 2014

PSD 22.11PADI is pleased to announce the upcoming PADI Public Safety Diver Basic Essentials Workshops to be held in Hong Kong from the 12th – 19th January 2014.

The workshops are designed for divers new to Public Safety Diving as well as those wishing to refresh or update their basic public safety skills. The workshops can also provide instructors a template they can effectively use to conduct public safety dive training. PADI Master Instructor Mike Berry from Underwater Criminal Investigators (UCI) will teach the courses.

PADI Public Safety Diver Basic Essentials Workshop – Hong Kong

Course Hong Kong Dates Price
PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty Course 12 – 14 Jan US$760
PADI Distinctive Specialty – Underwater Criminal Investigator Course 15-18 Jan US$955
PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty Instructor Course 19 Jan US$325

These workshops are limited in the number of participants so register now to avoid disappointment.   

Find out more about the workshops; PADI Public Safety Diver Basic Essentials Workshops Information.

Register for the workshops; Register – PADI Public Safety Diver Basic Essentials Workshop.

ScubaEarth – How to utilise your Media Gallery

With ScubaEarth’s birthday promotion currently underway, asking divers to share their ScubaEarth content on social media sites, what better opportunity to ensure that your media gallery is up to scratch and content rich.

Whether its videos or images, keep consumers engaged with your Dive Shop profile by uploading media from your latest dives, upcoming dive trips, or store promotions. You can create multiple galleries, tag your dive buddies as well as categorising your images and identifying the marine species showcased.


Once your images and videos are live, share these out to your social network by clicking on the share buttons underneath your media gallery. You can share your whole gallery or share individual images.


Remember to tag your Divemasters, staff and other buddies in your images to expand your potential consumer base.

Keep active on ScubaEarth so you can connect with your existing and potential customers by logging in today.

Project AWARE: PADI Dive Store Owners Unite in Support of Marine Sanctuaries

This article is courtesy of Project AWARE.

Project AWARE Marine SancuariesPADI dive store owners from across New South Wales (NSW), Australia have united, writing to Premier O’Farrell urging him to reverse the decision to allow fishing in marine sanctuaries and reinstate the protection the ocean requires.

Richard Nicholls, Owner of Dive Centre Manly and Retail Representative with the Dive Industry Association of Australia. and Tom Cordukes, Owner of Plunge Diving, Mosman, presented the Dive Industry Statement to key Government representatives. Signed by 30 NSW PADI Dive Store owners, this statement raises concerns for their businesses following the State Government’s action to open fully-protected sanctuary areas to fishing.

“Sanctuary areas are a major asset to the dive industry providing a safe haven for our unique marine life as well as protecting some of NSW’s most iconic dive sites,” said Richard.

“The chance to encounter iconic species including the Eastern Blue Grouper and endangered Grey Nurse Shark in healthy marine environments provides a major attraction for divers to visit.”

The state government’s decision earlier this year, placed an amnesty on fishing restrictions in NSW sanctuary areas posing a very real threat to the marine environment and the dive industry upon which it depends.

“Sanctuary areas cover less than seven percent of NSW waters extending along only four percent of the coastline, fishers therefore still have access to over 93 percent of waters,” said Tom.

“It’s really only a small area that’s set aside for marine protection in comparison to the area that fishers have access to. If anything, we should be protecting it more not less.”

In the next month, the state government is expected to make major announcements regarding the management of sanctuary areas including that fishing may be permanently allowed. NSW is the first jurisdiction in the world where marine protection has started to slide backwards. If such a reversal in marine protection is allowed to occur, it will likely have far wider implications for marine protection, setting a precedence nationally and internationally. Project AWARE will therefore continue to work with the dive industry to ensure that the marine environment is secured for generations to come.

Thank you to all PADI Members and Dive Centres who support Project AWARE. Please look out for more alerts from Project AWARE on how you can get involved. 

Mike Crawford awarded for “Outstanding Commitment to the Vanuatu Diving Industry – 2013”

Mike-Crawford-Award-uploadThe recent PADI Instructor Exam in Vanuatu was the successful result of much hard work by the instructor candidates, their PADI Course Director Sarah Kench along with a great team of supporters.

The fact that a PADI Instructor Development Course and Instructor Exam occurred can be largely attributed to the hard work of Mike Crawford, a PADI Member for 23 years and long-time resident of Vanuatu.  Mike is a PADI Instructor who brought a wealth of experience to Vanuatu when he arrived in the mid-90s.  Along with his wife Maggie – also a PADI Instructor – Mike worked closely with the local Ni Vanuatu (Ni-Van) dive guides to assist them to become PADI Professionals.

Mike and Maggie run Big Blue Scuba & Snorkel in Port Vila, Vanuatu in conjunction with their local staff.  Prior to owning Big Blue, Mike worked for the PRO DIVE chain including PRO DIVE Port Vila on Iririki Island, Vanuatu and previously on the cruise ship, Fairstar.

When Mike first arrived in Vanuatu, there were very few local PADI Professionals and Mike identified the need for local Ni-Van to become PADI Divemasters and Instructors. To the Ni-Van, English is often a 3rd or 4th language so Mike’s help and support has been invaluable to the local team in understanding the intricacies of professional level diving – including physics and physiology in the English language.

The ambition shown by the local Ni-Van divers combined with their very hard work and commitment, has resulted in their PADI Instructor dream becoming a reality.  Mike Crawford’s contribution to the success of the recent PADI Instructor Exam in Vanuatu is applauded by the PADI Asia Pacific team and his support is deeply appreciated by the new PADI Instructors.

Richard Nicholls – 25 Years as PADI Member

John-and-richard-uploadPADI Course Director and Owner of Dive Centre Manly, Richard Nicholls, was recently recognised for 25 Years of PADI Professional Membership at the PADI Asia Pacific headquarters at Frenchs Forest.

On presenting the award, John O’Brien PADI Asia Pacific Director of Customer Service & PRRA, stated,

“25 years as a PADI Professional Member is an outstanding achievement and a testament to the commitment shown by Richard throughout his diving career. He’s a credit to the industry and his ongoing enthusiasm for diving, dive travel and technical diving is a tribute to his positive approach, in both his professional and personal life”.

Richard began diving in 1977 and emigrated to Australia from the UK in 1983, working as a golf pro in Sydney with diving as his primary recreational pastime.  Richard was offered an opportunity to run a snorkel and dive program for guests on board a cruise liner travelling around the South Pacific, which he accepted. From there his career in diving flourished and 25 years later – he is still working his dream job.

Since becoming a PADI Instructor in 1988, Richard has earned numerous PADI Instructor and Instructor Trainer ratings, including his PADI Course Director rating in 1995.  His passion for technical diving sees him as one of Australia’s most knowledgeable and best credentialed Technical Diving Instructor Trainers in the country.  Richard was involved with the initial launch of enriched air diving in Australia as well as the early rebreather experiences in this country.  He continues his personal diving education today – with plans to add Instructor Trainer credentials to his Hollis Explorer and other rebreather qualifications – while remaining active with open circuit technical and recreational diving programs.

Diving has taken Richard to many parts of the globe with his favourite international dive sites being Papua New Guinea for reefs and Truk Lagoon for wrecks. At home in Australia, Richard has dived far and wide and classes dive sites Rowley Shoals (off Broome, WA) and the SS Yongala (Townsville, QLD) as his favourites.

Please join PADI in congratulating Richard on achieving 25 years of service as a PADI Member.