4 Simple and Easy Ways to Build Your ScubaEarth Dive Crew!

ScubaEarthSquare300x300Short on time but looking to make sure you are benefiting from ScubaEarth? Check out these four simple ways to grow your ScubaEarth dive crew!

1. Email your database.

One of the most overlooked resources that achieves instant results is email marketing. This low cost channel is a great way to easily reach customers. You can let them know how they can log dives, explore dives site online, share pictures, and most importantly stay connected with you online through ScubaEarth. A simple email to your database encouraging them to sign up to ScubaEarth and select you as their primary store ensures that you benefiting from this exciting new online community.

2. Share socially.

Scuba diving pictures, videos and logged dives are hot property on social sites. People want to share what they are passionate about with their family and friends online. You can benefit from this by ensuring you are logging dives, sharing pictures from courses and keeping your divers updated with new dates and events. They can then easily share this information out and place diving in front of their family and friends with the press of a button.

3. Sign up your divers.

Student divers are always looking to further their knowledge on all things scuba. When conducting courses, it’s a great opportunity to sit down with your students and register them for ScubaEarth. You can ensure that they choose you as their primary store and help log their first dive. They can even select you as a dive buddy and also tag your dive shop into the dive. Logging a dive can take less than a minute.

4. Promote your ScubaEarth presence.

Whether it be online or through traditional marketing, make sure you are promoting your ScubaEarth presence to your divers and potential divers. To cover online mediums make sure you have icons and links from your website, blogs, emails and enewsletter. Also ensure that you promote ScubaEarth via offline marketing including on your brochures, posters, banners, and signage.

ScubaEarth will soon hit 50,000+ users. Ensure you are benefiting from ScubaEarth as much as possible by implementing these simple recommendations above.

For more information contact your PADI Regional Marketing.

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