Project AWARE: Are You FINatical About Sharks? Get Swimming to End Finning

This article is courtesy of Project AWARE.

Divedown-Below-Finathon-(13)The clock’s ticking for vanishing shark species. Project AWARE is looking for 100 Finathon™ champions to join the race to protect them. If you’re FINatical about sharks, join the Finathon™ today and fundraise for their protection. How many people can you get swimming to end finning?

What’s the Finathon™? Like a swimathon, fun run, cycle race or marathon – the Finathon™ is a great way to bring your community together, raise awareness and funds to support this unique cause. You can help Project AWARE:

  • Fight to stop finning
  • Insist on full protections for Critically Endangered sharks
  • Negotiate stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks

Why sharks? Shark fishing is largely unregulated and finning kills thousands of sharks every day. Project AWARE has recently secured unprecedented trade protections for 8 of the world’s most vulnerable sharks and rays. But additional measures are needed to ensure shark survival.

Sharks will not survive by chance. They’ll survive because divers demand it. This July, we’re doing something. We’re swimming to end finning. The time has come to get FINatical about sharks.  So grab your dive buddies, create your team and dive in!

Create Your Online Fundraising Page:

Thank you to all PADI Members and Dive Centres who support Project AWARE. Please look out for more alerts from Project AWARE on how you can get involved. 

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