Bumrungrad Hospital chooses Emergency First Response

DEMAkoreanchinese 23.10.12Bumrungrad International located in centre of Bangkok has been described as the best hospital in Thailand.

For years Catherine Harsono, Senior Manager of Expat Marketing at Bumrungrad had received requests for an English language certified CPR class but was unable to provide one until Laurie Colyer came along 4 years ago.

After researching other programs, Catherine and Laurie found the Emergency First Response (EFR) curriculum to be the best with a high standard of quality that offered an internationally recognised certification.

Laurie was certified as an EFR Instructor to begin with and in the first year, taught a total of 14 Emergency First Response Adult and Child CPR and First Aid classes to both public and private corporate companies.  Recognising a huge demand, Catherine then also became certified as an Instructor.

Last year Catherine and Laurie saw the need to certify more instructors to relieve teaching duties.  Laurie then became an EFR Instructor Trainer and by the end of 2012, had certified an additional 4 EFR Instructors. To date they have taught over 30 classes.

Emergency First Response at Bumrungrad Hospital #1With the EFR courses going from strength to strength, often students have to join a wait list, as there is a limit of 12 people per class to enable each student to receive the attention they deserve.

Classes are promoted through monthly e-newsletters, their email database and at main Bumrungrad Hospital events with students mainly consisting of teachers from international schools, company employees and Mums and Dads with young children.

For more information visit:  www.bumrungrad.com

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