Tasmania’s Eaglehawk Dive Centre’s YouTube Video

There’s no doubt that YouTube is a great marketing tool and is something that all dive operators should be utilising. Not only does it let you show off all of your cool diving videos but it is a great way to create and improve your brand awareness, potentially leading to increased sales. Sometimes, your video might just take off and be seen by thousands, if not millions!

Eaglehawk Dive Centre, a small PADI 5 Star Dive Centre situated at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula in southeastern Tasmania, have a variety of videos on their YouTube channel. One in particular has been viewed almost1.5 million times in 10 months! Only recently the video had 12, 000 views overnight! For owners and Marine Biologists Michael Baron and Karen Gowlett-Holmes this is a great achievement which is solely due to the great video they regularly film, edit, upload and share.

The video, filmed and copyrighted by Michael Baron, runs for just over 1 minute and showcases a Giant Pyrosome and Salps, which are pelagic (free swimming) tunicates or sea squirts. All species are open ocean animals that rarely come close to shore. Pyrosomes are colonies of tiny animals that form hollow tubes sealed at one end – the species in the first part of the video are giant Pyrosome Pyrostremma spinosum which can reach up to 30 metres in length! Tasmania is one of the few areas in the world where a wide range of oceanic gelatinous plankton, including ctenophores and jellyfish come close to shore and are easily seen while diving.

For information on how to create a YouTube Channel for your business please contact your PADI Regional Manager.

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